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Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in order to be eligible for this course. Additionally, applicants must have adequate proficiency in the English language.
Applicants admitted to the program via the Mature Entry Route are required to obtain their Postgraduate Diploma Certificates as a mandatory step.

All applicants are required to upload the following documents in order to be eligible for admission:

1. Proof of having earned a Bachelor's Degree - such as a Degree Certificate. If the documents are not in English, official translations should be submitted.
2. The final transcript of Bachelor's Degree.
3. A copy of the government-issued photo identity card.
4. If you do not have a Bachelor's degree, you can still apply through the mature entry route. You will have to upload an updated resume along with the relevant work experience letters issued by your employer/s. You may also be contacted by our faculty for a telephone interview in order to ascertain your eligibility for the program.

Follow these steps to formally enroll into the Master program by GMU:

1. Register on Athena Global Education for a free 7-day trial.
2. Upload all the documents as required under the 'Eligibility Criteria' to the learning portal by clicking on 'Enroll Now' on the learning dashboard.
3. The academic panel will then review your documents and if found to be eligible, send you an 'Admission Offer Letter'.
4. On receiving the 'Admission Offer Letter', you can start your payment.
5. You will be given access to subsequent module content only after completing the previous module.
Once your payment is confirmed, you will be sent an official 'Admission Letter' along with a receipt for the amount paid. You will also get access to the Assignment related documents in the 'Project Details' section.

If you are unsure about your eligibility or if you do not have a Bachelor's degree, then contact us at admissions@uniathena.com and attach the relevant documents in your email. You won't be asked to make a payment until we determine you are eligible to be admitted.

Once you register for the course, you will have access to the learning resources of the first module (or "course" in the American system) where you can access the learning materials and the e-library. Your access to these learning resources will end after 7 days of registration and you will need to enroll for the program. In order to be eligible for admission, you must upload all the eligibility-related documents on the learning portal and subsequently must have received an 'Offer of Admission' letter.

We have two different payment methods fast-track and flexible plans. Both  are meticulously designed to provide learners with seamless and convenient learning experience according to their budget plans. The fast-track plan comes with monthly payment options, propelling learners to fast-forward their learning journeys and offering substantial savings on module fees. It will serve as an ideal choice for those seeking to optimize both their time and budget. In contrast, the flexible plan is tailored to work around the hectic schedules of professionals, enabling them to progress and eliminate monthly financial obligations.

After enrolling in a particular program or receiving the admission letter, we are unable to offer refunds as per our policy. However, prior to enrollment, all learners have the option to utilize the free trial period, which lasts between 3 to 7 days.

The Referral Policy is a UniAthena initiative to make our degree programs more  affordable to the learners. Learners can  share programs with  friends, family or even peers. If the Invitee enrolls for the suggested program, the next module is made free of charge.

The core resources of the program are video classes and related reading materials. The video lessons and reading materials will provide you with adequate knowledge to understand the module content.

Additionally, you will also be learning from webinars, online library, additional learning materials and case studies curated by faculty.

Every student is assigned a personal tutor for each module in his course, the student can reach out to his/her personal tutor for any academic assistance with his/her learning. Besides, academic assistance, students are allocated a Student Engagement & Experience Executive, who will be there to assist learners with any pastoral support (non- academic). You can reach out to your Student Engagement & Experience on see@uniathena.com.

Once you move to the capstone project (thesis) stage, you will be assigned a capstone project guide who will support you through the capstone project. The Guide normally has 3 meetings with the learners: first introductory meeting, then a second review meeting and  a final review meeting.

A capstone project will have about 10,000 words.  Once you submit the final capstone project, then you may be called for a "viva" to defend your capstone project depending on the decision of the assessor. The result will be published within 30 days of submission of the capstone project; if you fail the capstone project, then you will have an opportunity to resubmit the work as per the feedback provided by the assessor and the corrected work should be submitted within 30 days of publishing the results.

If you fail on your resubmission, then you may have to pay the capstone project fee again and you will need to start over on a new project.

Once you have enrolled for the capstone project, you need to submit the final work within 6 months of enrollment. In case of failure of submission, an extension fee will be applicable. The shortest time allocated to submit the capstone project is 60 days.

The course can be completed in a minimum of  9 months or a maximum of 24 months, depending on individual preferences and learning pace.

We are following the ‘Pay as you go scheme for our learners. Learners can select how to proceed by choosing either flexible or fixed payment, learners have to complete each module within 21 to 60 days from the enrollment date based on the chosen payment method.

This Degree is awarded by Guglielmo Marconi University (GMU), Italy which is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Italy.  Besides, GMU is part of the Bologna process of European Union and is a NARIC approved university ensuring international recognition.

Under any unforeseen circumstances, if you want to withdraw from the program, you may apply for an Early Exit Award. Based on the credit earned and modules completed, you might receive a credit statement or a diploma, or an extended diploma by paying the certification fee. You will be able to resume the course at a later date by re-enrolling and may resume from where you stopped, depending on the availability of that particular course at the time of re-enrollment.

Successful learners will be able to attend the annual graduation ceremony conducted in Italy. GMU will provide an invitation letter to all such learners which can be used for processing your visa for this purpose.

On successful completion of all the modules and capstone project, learners can claim for a certificate by making the payment for certification fees. Upon claiming the certificate, it will take a maximum of 3 months for the student to receive the certificate from the awarding body.
Extra Courier charges of $50 has to be paid for receiving the hardcopy of the certificate.

In this program, the assessment will be based on unit-wise quizzes and assignments, with two attempts for each quiz in which the best mark is counted and one attempt for each assignment. The assignments cannot be edited once submitted. The final submission of last unit can be done only after 21 days from the start date of the module. The learner can seek the support of the Personal Tutor if there are any questions, and the assessor will give feedback on the work after the learner submit each assignment and quiz. If a learner fail in an assignment, they can rework it based on the feedback and resubmit it within 7 days. There are no additional fees for resubmission.

If you fail to submit the assignment within 60 days of the enrolment date, you can request an extension of not more than 30 days and pay a fee of USD 100.00 ($100).

If you do not resubmit the failed assignment within 21 days of the published results, you may request an extension of not more than 30 days by paying USD 100.00 ($100).

If you fail again on your RE-submission, you may apply for a Re-Take by paying USD 150 ($100). You will have another 60 days of access to the resources and will need to submit the assignment within 60 days from the retake date. The process then restarts as mentioned above.