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Why UniAthena?

We have a multitude of courses tailored to your career goals and busy schedule. These courses have been developed to enhance your knowledge and critical thinking abilities and make you an expert in your domain.

Flexible & Stackable

At UniAthena, you are in charge of your learning! You decide your pace of learning based on your convenience. The learning structure is modular- Take one module at a time and stack up credits to your Dream Qualification

Affordable (Pay per Module - Easy Installments)

With UniAthena as your learning partner, you follow a ‘Pay as you Go Scheme’ for your program, that means no upfront bulk payment of your fee. Instead your fee will be divided into small pocket friendly installments distributed across your program.

Accredited & Globally Accepted

We have partnered with reputed Universities and Awarding bodies, which are accredited by governmental regulatory bodies in their respective countries. The universities are NARIC Approved and are also part of European Higher education, Bologna process, making the programs recognised worldwide

What Our Students Say About Us

Our students speak about their learning experience at UniAthena, how the courses sharpened their management skills and the support they received at every stage.

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Collaborate, Learn & Network Globally

Achieve higher education while balancing full-time jobs with our Flexible Courses, Personalized Support and Networking Opportunities.

Work with Expert Personal Tutor

Experience self-paced online learning at its finest, led by industry experts exclusively assigned to you throughout your learning journey.

Grow Your Network Globally

Interact, Collaborate and learn from peers from varied industries and across the globe through Live Discussions on forums, Panel discussions, Webinars and a host of other activities and sessions.

Engage with Industry Experts

Our Live Webinars give you an opportunity to learn from industry experts. Engage with them directly.

Collaborate, Learn & Network Globally

Achieve higher education while balancing full-time jobs with our Flexible Courses, Personalized Support and Networking Opportunities.


Work With Expert Personal Tutor

Apart from the course learning resources developed by the industry experts and academicians, the learning is supported by one to one sessions with our expert personal tutors who will help the learners to clear their doubts and move forward.

Grow Your Network Globally

Join our live discussions on business case scenarios and relevant topics moderated by our faculty and participate in discussion forums available on our learning portal. Learn from your peers and develop a global network.

Engage With Industry Experts

Our Live Webinars give you an opportunity to learn from industry experts. Engage with them directly.

From UniAthena's Video Library

Our Video Gallery, your gateway to UniAthena's world of the Learning journey. Explore a diverse collection of captivating and informative videos regarding our short courses, academic courses, webinars, student testimonials and much more.

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From Our Insights

We keep you informed and engaged. Blogs on diverse subjects. Candid interviews of students and employees. Reviews of books that can change your life. Testimonials from our satisfied students.

Inspiring Excellence: Sid Subash and Oluwafunmibi Atolagbe Recognized as Students of the Month

Dear UniAthena Community,We are delighted to announce our Students of the Months for May and June 20...

UniAthena Administration | 3 MINS READ

July 17, 2024

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Our Students Work at

These are some of the major companies our students work at

Disclaimer: The companies listed here are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute endorsement or affiliation with our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is delivered completely online and in self-paced manner. All the learning resources, including our video tutorials and additional reading materials, will be available on your learning portal. You can access your learning portal anytime, anywhere.

UniAthena's Degree Programs including Master, MBA and Post-Graduate Programs are offered by highly reputed Universities that are accredited in their countries of origin.

Learners can apply for our MBA & Master Programs in two ways: The Academic Route or the Mature Entry Route. Those opting for the Academic Route must submit a Bachelor's Degree earned from an Accredited University (or other academic equivalents) in any field. 
Those taking the Mature Entry route must submit evidence of atleast 5 years of relevant Managerial Experience, highest academic qualifications earned and the latest Resume. Approval for applications via the Mature Entry route is subject to the discretion of UniAthena and affiliated Universities.  
Additionally, an IELTS score of atleast 5.5 in all bands or a Bachelor's Degree from an English-Speaking University or proof of work in an English-speaking Workplace is also required.

Upskilling refers to updating one's skill toolbox on the regular. The main advantage of upskilling is the maintenance of relevancy and in turn, employability. By consistently learning new skills and sharpening previous skills, you can stay at the top of your game and take on new challenges too. Upskilling also indicates a commitment to learning, growth, dedication and overall professional excellence. UniAthena offers 500+ Free Learning Short Courses for Professionals dedicated to upskilling themselves.

We have the privilege of partnering with some of the most reputed European Universities, including Guglielmo Marconi University (Italy), Universidad Catolica De Murcia (Spain) and Abertay University (UK) among others. We are also partnered with prominent Professional Bodies from the United Kingdom, including CMI, CIQ, and SQA. We have also newly partnered with EIE, based in Malta. Our Partners share our vision: a commitment to delivering quality Education to every section of society.

Doctorate Aspirants can choose between two Programs: a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), or an Integrated Doctorate in Business Administration (IDBA). Both doctorate programs are offered by the esteemed UCAM Spain. While a DBA is a 180 ECT Program designed to offer research expertise to tackle complex business challenges, an IDBA is a combination of a 60 ECT MBA and a 180 ECT DBA. An IDBA will help you develop a comprehensive Managerial Outlook, while a DBA equips you with research insights and expertise needed to reserve a spot at the Boardroom.

UniAthena's Degree Programs are from European Universities that recognise APL. APL is designed to help professionals earn credits or exemptions on course modules depending on either their existing certification in the module (APCL) or prior experience with the module topics (APEL). This helps Learners spend their valuable time on modules that are relevant to their education.

UniAthena's Short Course Referral Scheme is a Refer-and-Earn Scheme. Learners can share courses with friends, family and colleagues to earn points that will result in discounts on certification charges.

Our Premium Short Courses, unlike Short Courses, can be accessed by purchasing our affordable Subscription Plans. These plans allow you to access a set of Premium Short Courses, in addition to unlimited e-Library access, Extra Practice Quizzes, Additional Readings, Case Studies and more. Those opting for Short Courses without the Subscription Plans will not be able to access these benefits.

We are glad you are interested to know about our MBA Programs. We have 14 types of MBA programs. At UniAthena, we follow pay-as-you-go scheme, you can enroll to any course by paying the first instalment and pay rest of the course in small instalments as you progress in the course. You can pay for Degree and Diploma certification once you have successfully completed the entire course. Please find the general fee structure below:

Flexible Schedule 
Module Fee : USD 600 per module, 6-7 Modules
Dissertation Fee: USD 1000 (2 installments) 
Degree & Diploma Certification : USD 1300

Fastrack Schedule 
Registration Fee : USD 500 
Installments : 8 Installments, USD 400 
Degree and Diploma Certification : USD 1300

Flexible Learning: This learning route provides more flexibility in terms of course completion time which is ideal for working professionals with prior commitments. It also eliminates monthly financial obligations for learning and allows learners to progress at their pace.

Fast-track learning: This route is preferred by individuals looking for shorter duration for course completion and are willing to dedicate substantial time to studies. It is ideal for quick career advancement and features fixed monthly payments that offer substantial saving on the module fees.