Convert your Experience to Credits

Got professional expertise? Leverage it to earn academic credits & avail module exemptions towards your higher education program under our Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) policy.

Are you a Working Professional with Intensive Professional Experience and Expertise in one or more Functional Domains?

Then you are up for a head-start for your Higher Education. Your hands-on experience, commitment to professional development, and the considerable effort you've invested in acquiring knowledge on the job, will now be recognized, valued, and converted into tangible qualifications that will propel your career forward.

Under APEL Policy, you can receive Credit/Course Module Exemptions in your Program based on Work Experience. Accreditation of Prior Learning (APEL) validates your existing knowledge and skills for credit towards qualifications.

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Let’s break it down

APEL validates your existing knowledge and skills for credit towards qualifications.

For instance, if you’re a working professional seeking an MBA with significant experience in the Marketing domain, you can bypass the entire marketing coursework as part of the curriculum and quickly leap to the next level. Learners will be exempt from rigorous coursework corresponding to their field of employment, thereby saving time and reducing learning curves.

With APEL, you're not just another novice starting from scratch; you're an accomplished individual seeking to build upon your existing expertise. 

Why APEL Matters:

Embracing Your Journey

APEL acknowledges the invaluable knowledge and skills you've acquired through work experience, self-education, and real-life challenges.

Saving Your Time

Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning enables you to bypass redundant coursework and focus on strengthening your skills in the areas you find most valuable. Bid farewell to unnecessary repetition, and experience faster learning.

Personalized Learning Experience

With APEL, you are empowered to shape your learning journey so that it aligns with your inclinations and career goals. Embrace a flexible curriculum that aligns with your aspirations and opens doors to new opportunities.

How APEL Works

Assessment and Evaluation

Our team of academic experts meticulously evaluates your prior learning achievements. In conjunction with detailed assessments, we determine the credit value of your knowledge and experience.

Personalized Learning Plan

In response to the assessment results, We work with you to develop a program tailored to your needs. This plan leverages your strengths and focuses on areas where you can further excel.

Competitive Advantage

APEL grants official recognition to your prior experience. Employers and educational institutions appreciate candidates who have demonstrated initiative, determination, and a commitment to continuous learning. APEL grants a formal recognition to your prior experience, boost your confidence and reaffirms your capabilities.

Career Advancement

APEL equips you with the tools to accelerate your career. You can showcase your validated skills and expertise to employers, positioning yourself as a top candidate for promotions, new job opportunities and professional growth.