Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Risk Management

30 Credits (CIQ)

Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Risk Management

The Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Risk Management will help the learners understand the fundamentals and advanced features of managing contracts that are made as part of the legal documentation of forging solid work relationships with customers, vendors and even partners.

  • Get a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Risk Management from Cambridge International Qualifications (CIQ). 

  • CIQ is a professional awarding organization incorporated in the UK. 

  • 100% Online with Personal Tutor support.

  • Flexible Payment Scheme. No upfront payment, Pay on module by module basis.

  • Program Flexibility: Can complete the program in 6 months based on the learners pace and time availability. 

Course Module & Fee

Module Fee

$600 ($200 on starting each of the 3 modules)

PGD-CIQ Certification Fee

$200 (On completion of both modules)

Total Fees


Admission Requirement

English Language Proficiency

There is no formal entry requirement for this course, however a good standard of written and spoken English is required to study with us, but a formal language qualification (such as IELTS) is not necessary. Generally, your English simply needs to be sufficient to:

  • Use study materials, including online books, video and audio.

  • Complete the assessment requirement of the respective modules.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Risk Management

Flexible Duration

3-6 Months



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What You Learn

Module 1

Fundamentals of Financial Management

Fundamentals of Financial Management

Duration: 21 to 60 days

This module focuses on applying management principles to manage the financial resources of an organisation.

21 to 60 days

Level: EQF Level 7

Credits: 10 CIQ

Module 2

Financial Analysis and Planning

Financial Analysis and Planning

Duration: 21 to 60 days

This module helps to learn about financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, and analytical activities that support your company’s major business decisions and overall financial health.

21 to 60 days

Level: EQF Level 7

Credits: 10 CIQ

Module 3

Finance and Risk Management

Finance and Risk Management

Duration: 21 to 60 days

This module helps to learn about Finance and risk management that deals with uncertainties resulting from financial markets.

21 to 60 days

Level: EQF Level 7

Credits: 10 CIQ


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Cambridge International Qualifications (CIQ), UK is a professional awarding body based in the United Kingdom. CIQ is founded on the vision of helping individual learners and employers in attaining quality accredited awards. With centers across the Middle East, Europe and the African region, CIQ is a proud certification partner for more than 100 organizations and has a progression pathway with some of the leading universities across the world.

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Why This Course ?

Course Resources

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Why This Course ?


Managing Financial Pitfalls

Through this course, business professionals learn to create a financial business strategy with the goal of keeping the business profitable by simultaneously managing financial pitfalls that can lead to a disaster. They come to know how to prevent probable mishaps or overcome them with a controlled amount of damage.


Ensure Business Growth

Managing financial risks can allow a company to stay ahead of the financial market trend and make quick decisions on a new product or stock. Financial risk management professionals ensure continued business growth in spite of potential risks. They can help businesses to maximize their financial opportunity by enabling them to act quickly on good investment scopes.


Lucrative Career

Financial Risk Management is becoming an increasingly sought-after career option owing to its booming demand. Since financial risk management professionals are proficient at analyzing financial markets and the main types of risk that institutions face, they are paid handsomely. They are critical to the functioning of business.

How You Learn ?

Engage with a scientifically developed learning pedagogy that ensures a quality and effective journey for the learners. Enjoy a seamless learning experience tailored to your level of expertise on the subject matter.

What You Receive ?

You will be receiving the following certificates as specified below:


Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Risk Management issued by

Cambridge International Qualifications, UK

Records of Achievements with Grade issued by

Cambridge International Qualifications, UK

All certificate and transcript images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of respective Universities or Awarding Bodies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learners wishing to be admitted to the Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Risk Management program will be able to directly enroll for the program, as there is no pre-requisite for prior certifications. However, if they choose to progress to the MBA program, they should be able to meet the minimum eligibility criteria for the MBA program.

Interested candidates must upload their Identity cards as a means to verify their identity.

Once you register for the course, you will have access to the learning resources of three units of the first chapter. Your access to these learning resources will end after 7 days of registration and you will need to enroll for the program by paying the course fee.

After enrolling in a particular program or receiving the admission letter, we are unable to offer refunds as per our policy. However, prior to enrollment, all learners have the option to utilize the free trial period, which lasts between 3 to 7 days.

The core resources of the program are video classes and related reading materials. The video lessons and reading materials will provide you with adequate knowledge to understand the module content.

Yes, whenever a learner joins, she/he will be assigned a Personal Tutor, whom the learners can reach out for any academic assistance. For any non-academic assistance, learners can reach out to the  Experience Officer (

There are no written exams for this program. All the modules are assessed based on the module-specific project. Once you are enrolled in the module, you will be able to access the assignment brief under the 'Project Details' section in the learning portal. Apart from the assessment brief, you will be given the learning outcomes and performance criteria to know what is expected in the project from the learner. If you still have questions concerning the assignments, you can seek the support of the faculty. We are here to give you the help you need.

As soon as you are enrolled in a module, you will have 60 days to submit the assignment. However, submissions will be accepted from the 21st day of enrolment. You can choose to submit anytime during this 21-day to the 60-day timeline and immediately proceed to the next module. You can use this time to go through all the videos, read all the case studies and articles, and ask questions as you begin to write your assignment. Once submitted, you will not be able to make any changes.

After you have submitted the assignment, the faculty will evaluate and provide feedback, including results (your grade), within 21 days of your submission. If you fail, you will be given feedback on the assignment stating the reasons for failure. You will have to rework the project according to the feedback provided by the assessor. You need to rework only on the areas where you failed and not on the entire project. You are required to resubmit the assignment within 21 days of the publication of the result (grade). There are no additional fees for resubmission.

If you fail to submit the assignment within 60 days of the enrolment date, you can request an extension of not more than 30 days and pay a fee of USD 100.00 ($100).

If you do not resubmit the failed assignment within 21 days of the published results, you may request an extension of not more than 30 days by paying USD 100.00 ($100).

If you fail again on your RE-submission, you may apply for a Re-Take by paying USD 150 ($100). You will have another 60 days of access to the resources and will need to submit the assignment within 60 days from the retake date. The process then restarts as mentioned above.

The course outlines and learning outcomes are given as downloadable documents on the webpage of the course and also in the assignment brief.

Once you have registered for the Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and Risk Management, the maximum time allowed to complete the program is 6 months. If you are unable to complete the course within 6 months, you may apply for an extension of 30 days by paying a Course Extension fee of USD 100.

The minimum duration of the course is 2 months though some exceptions may apply.