About Federation for EDucation in Europe

The FEDEration for European Education/Fédération Européenne Des Ecoles (FEDE) is an international non-governmental organisation (INGO). In collaboration with its nearly 500 network institutions, it works to advance an ambitious project in favour of educational quality.

Present in 40 countries across the world, the FEDE advocates a progressive model for education.

Based in Europe and strongly in favour of a common European higher educational space, the FEDE holds participatory status at the Council of Europe.

The FEDE is a non-profit organisation that is independent of governmental authorities. It defends the interests of citizens by advocating education and learning for all and by influencing European policies in favour of human rights, educational freedom and intercultural dialogue.

With over 50 years of experience and a vast network of alumni and partner institutions, the FEDE has produced innovative teaching guidelines and a job market-oriented catalogue of 140 degree programmes in 12 subject areas. Designed by and for working professionals, recruiters and businesses, the FEDE’s internationally recognised degrees are welcomed by employers.

Students who choose a FEDE degree are opting for a modern, internationally oriented education that will prepare them for contemporary and future job roles.

Available in a wide range of subject areas ranging from marketing to sustainable development, from design to IT, from tourism to logistics, and from commerce to human resources, FEDE degrees guarantee innovative, top-quality teaching with an international perspective.