Academic Council

The Academic Council is the academic authority of Athena Global Education, responsible for academic strategy, policy, priorities, and performance. The Academic Council is responsible for promoting and sustaining the overall academic operations. It oversees the organization’s academic management, including the curriculum, all aspects of quality, and standards associated with the organization and its academic partners. It has the power to make regulations, including those (subject to the approval by the Governance Board) to delegate any of its powers. The Academic Council meetings concentrate on major issues of academic strategy, policy, priority, and performance. The Academic Council should convene 3 times a year or on-demand basis. 

Dr Vivek Mohan

Head of Academic Quality, UniAthena

Dr.Vivek is Associate Dean. He is an award-winning researcher with several years of experience in planning...

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Dr. Mervyn Emmanuel

Head of Academics and Student Engagement, UniAthena

Dr. Emmanuel is Head of Academic Delivery, he is is an ambitious, Educational Psychologist and Life Coach...

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Dr. Andrew Hambler

Board Member | Chief External Examiner

Dr. Hambler is the consulting director for DBA offered through Athena. He is an experienced academic ...

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Col (Rtd). Anil Ahluwalia

Chair of the Board

Col (Rtd.) Anil Ahluwalia has had more than 30 years of experience as a trainer. He is a Master Trainer and....

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