About Us

Transparency is the guiding principle of our organization. Know about us and how we deliver our programs and services.

Governance Structure

Athena Global Education is governed through a well-established ethical, transparent, and fair governance system, to ensure that the best interests of our students and staff are always at the forefront. Good governance also enables continuity of our successful operations and engagement with all major stakeholders. All our policies and procedures are developed in compliance with the UK Quality Code, which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. To guarantee continuous effective governance, there are several boards, councils, and committees in place to warrant that the operations of the organization are in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the government and our partner universities. It is our endeavor to act with all fairness, as well as ensure that all key decisions are made beyond any subjective bias, prejudice, or individual perceptions. The highest-level authority of the organization is the Governance Board, followed by the Academic Council and Executive Council.

All our governance and operational matters are focused on our five-core principles, which form the founding ideologies and values of the organization.

List of Major Councils Executive Council Academic Council