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Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“We are excited to welcome learners from around the world to Athena, an ed-tech venture of Westford Education Group. Athena is established with the objective of providing affordable quality education, access to a large global population. We have been delivering higher education around the world for more than a decade through our different colleges: Westford University College, Eaton Business School, and Exeed College. We have used the experience and knowledge gained from our past operations to develop an effective learning platform that provides a lot of flexibility to our learners. We are confident that this platform is going to help millions around the world to pursue their dream and we will be there with you in all your steps forward.”

Firoz Thairinil

Founder and CEO - Westford Education Group


Mr. Firoz Thairinil is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Westford Education Group (WEG). As the Group Head, Mr. Thairinil ensures that commitment to high services standards and a culture of optimum performance is embedded across the entire group. The CEO comes from a BFSI background with strong management credentials. He is a graduate in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the University of Oxford, UK. He has successfully completed PG Diploma in AI for Business Applications from the University. He has also done Leadership and Management Development Program from the University of California, Los Angeles Extension, and also possesses an MBA degree in Marketing from the University of Wales, UK.

Mr. Thairinil has led Westford from a small training academy in 2008 to a Global Education Provider to students and professionals from more than 130 countries. Mr. Thairinil started his career in Banking sector in 1995 as a clerical grade officer, and rose to the rank of Country Head within a span of 15 years. During his 15 years stint in Banking Industry he has worked with reputed banks, such as Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), Emirates International Bank (ENBD), and National Bank of Umm Al Quwain (NBQ).

While serving as Country Head – Retail Banking Sales for a large commercial bank in UAE, Mr. Thairinil conceptualized his brainchild, Westford, with the vision to bring a notable transformation in the global education system. From that humble beginning, he has successfully created an education system that taps the advantages of modern technology. He embarked on the journey with the objective of making quality education accessible and affordable to all learners especially the working professionals who confront real challenges in refining and reinventing their skills due to time constraints. With his long-term vision, the global education industry will continue to trudge on its path of positive transformational change.