About Us

Transparency is the guiding principle of our organization. Know about us and how we deliver our programs and services.

Associated Entities

Westford University College

Westford University College prepares future business leaders to embrace global dynamic changes, develop a global perspective, and create a sustainable impact on society through its curriculum and management programs.

Eaton Business School (EBS)

Eaton Business School (EBS), an entity of Westford Education Group, has developed an ideal learning platform to provide the best tools and resources for busy working executives around the globe.

Westford Sports

Westford Sports fosters a sporting culture for the youth, cultivating a love for sports, discovering strengths, and applying sportsmanship values to daily life. Active engagement in play reaps unique benefits.

Taito Education

Taito Education provides K12 consultancy and UK-based teacher training qualifications. Their services aim to simplify and enrich teaching and learning, equipping learners with skills to succeed in today's global and multicultural environment.