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Athena Global Education directs the learner on the road to corporate success through its academic programs and professional certifications. New additions to its portfolio include Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics and Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. These are both 16 ECTS programs from Guglielmo Marconi University (GMU), Italy, comprising two modules and spanning 3-6 months. 

Business Analytics is the process of using quantitative methods to derive meaning from data in order to make informed business decisions. The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics consists of two modules, Fundamentals of Business Analytics and Application of Data Analytics, which will teach you to collect and interpret big data and apply it to decision-making across many areas of business. 

This course will help the learner to formulate a robust business analysis strategy which would considerably enhance the revenue of the organization. This course will teach them to recognize trends, test hypotheses, and draw conclusions. He/she learns to build an analytical framework that leads to informed decision making, thereby helping the organization thrive. Graduates in Business Analytics work at large companies, start their own businesses, work in banks or FinTech, web-based businesses, retail and food companies, media and marketing companies.

Human Resource Management is centered around developing a strategic approach to find, train, recruit and retain the right professionals, for the right job, and at the right time,so that they become future leaders to further organizational goals, keeping in mind the company’s most important asset –its people. The Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management helps learners acquire knowledge relating to HRM practices in a globalized context, their significance and their scope.

It comprises two modules: International Human Resource Management and Strategic Leadership and HR Practices.  

This course teaches the learner how to recruit the best person for the job, aid the personal growth of employees, re-skill and upskill the workforce. He/she will be responsible for improving employee turnover and motivating, inspiring, and engaging the employees to work towards the common goal of the organisation. This course will help you  to design, review, and benchmark the organization’s rewards and recognition practices against the best ones in the market. You learn how to handle conflict at the workplace and resolve it.
For further information, please write to the Admissions Team at or chat with the Admission Counsellor on WhatsApp to know more about these programs.


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