Online Learning Platforms: A Modern Day Luxury for Reskilling and Upskilling

reskill upskill newskill Dr. Intekhab Mujibi  |   3 mins read July 7, 2022 | 117 eye icon

Have you ever wondered why you are going through a stagnant career despite doing your best in what you have been doing throughout? Don’t you find a clear answer to this puzzle? Probably you should look inward rather than outward.

Unequivocally, professionals everywhere face this dilemma at some point in their career. Not so long ago career growth was directly linked to the qualifications and domain experience. The more you acquire experience the more you stand a chance of moving up the ladder. This simple rule of thumb has worked for decades but seems to be relegated to irrelevance in the present ‘age of skills’. Exigency of modern businesses is giving primacy to acquiring more and more skills in a particular area of specialisation. Now a simple MBA is not enough. Professionals need Executive MBA or Executive Diploma in particular niches to acquire special skills and add more to the existing ones.

You might be doing everything correct at your job but still craving for that desired break in your career. It is about time you look inward. Business organisations are becoming very particular about the pool of talent they want to spend their money on. Besides the general qualification and experience, they look for specific skills in candidates who can provide solutions to the problems at hand. The time for monotony in work flow is over. Every day is a new day with a new set of challenges.

If you got your answers correct then you must have understood that to be among the sought-after talents you need to re-skill, upskill and acquire new skills in your domain. This is today’s mantra if professionals want growth in their career and plum positions in organisations of their dreams.

Reskilling and Upskilling through Online Courses

Identifying the reason behind lagging on the professional front is the beginning of the journey towards reskilling and upskilling. Nonetheless those who wish to go on the path of reskilling themselves face the dilemma of skimming time from their packed schedule. Where is the time for working professionals to go the conventional way of acquiring new skills and knowledge? How are they going to attend classrooms when they are in office for the entire day, 5-6 days a week? These questions pose them almost unsolved riddles.

A few years ago, the professionals would be convinced to attend weekend classes or do distance courses by autonomous institutes for upskilling themselves. That, undoubtedly, has worked for some, but not for many. However, with the advent of online learning platforms that unsolved puzzle has been solved, much to the delight of professionals at different zones in their career. Online educational portals, aided by modern technology, are providing that luxury of learning as per one’s convenience to professionals which has been yearned for by them for decades.

Across the globe, online learning is changing the way professional skills are acquired. It is reimagining the limits to learning and resetting the rules of the game. Reskilling and upskilling through online courses give the professionals the manoeuvring space that conventional program delivery lacks. This is one of the main factors driving the emergence of reskilling and upskilling programs online. In a matter of few years, especially in the post-Covid 19 pandemic era, several online edtech companies have sprung up across the globe. 

UniAthena is one such online learning portal that has invested immense time and effort into creating a vibrant online educational destination. At this platform, learners will find a panoply of courses in different specialisations especially in business administration for acquiring new skills. Because of its relentless effort in providing the best course content, industry-relevant curriculum, flexibility in program delivery and flexi-payment options, UniAthena has emerged as the best online learning platform serving thousands of professionals and students across the globe.


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