Managerial Skills Practicum Program - A Must-Attend for Global MBA Learners

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09 October, 2023

In an effort to bring actionable knowledge to our Global MBA Learners, UniAthena is thrilled to unveil our first-ever exclusive Managerial Skills Practicum. This 3-day program features online sessions focused on unpacking Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Accounts-Based Management (ABM), using Zoho and HubSpot. The sessions will be delivered from 12th to 14th October 2023, by Mr Atul Bengeri, Director of AcumenToday Pvt Ltd and ex-Industry Manager of Intel Corporation. 

Under Mr. Bengeri’s masterful guidance, Learners will grasp the importance of fostering, monitoring, and maintaining strong customer relationships via CRM. With ABM, Learners will also understand the need to prioritize specific accounts with greater revenue generation, whilst not neglecting other accounts. Subsequently, Learners will be able to redirect their CRM and ABM approaches to elevate and optimize their sales & marketing strategies. In order to complement their newfound knowledge, the Practicum also features sessions focusing on Zoho and HubSpot, the platforms used by businesses to organize, manage, and automate their CRM and ABM functions seamlessly. These sessions include live demonstrations diving into the key tools, techniques, and abilities of Zoho & HubSpot in elevating CRM & ABM, allowing Learners to use these platforms in the most effective manner possible. 

By attending the Managerial Skills Practicum, Global MBA learners can gain invaluable knowledge that will help them reinvent their marketing & sales strategies, automate their CRM & ABM tasks, and ultimately, boost their company’s impact and profitability.


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