Interview with Dean Richards

Reduction of time and cost of study; importance of studying without infringing on my job activity form the basis of choosing EMBA course..

Dean Richards
Regional Operations and Sales Manager
Nubiatec Inc, France

EMBA Batch

Why did you choose Athena?

I chose Athena because it fits exactly my quest for an accredited and affordable online education that offers: – Flexible payment plan – choice of module electives and program certification.

What are you hoping to gain from the Executive-MBA course?/ What made you chose this course?

Choosing Executive-MBA was one of my wisest decisions . Apart from the guarantee for academic excellence upon successful completion, I would also acquire the skill set to thrive in strategic and organizational leadership. I would also share ideas with other students from a wide geographical space. Reduction of time and cost of study; importance of studying without infringing on my job activity form the basis of choosing this course.

What do you think is in store for your industry (Analytics and Neuromarketing)?Any new trends that are emerging and shaping the business?

I believe we are at the edge of an economic change. With Covid-19 all around, the idea of globalization is critically scrutinized from various angles from business leaders all over the world. This pandemic might lead to a more local, intelligent, and sustainable economy, and analytical sciences, machine learning, and marketing can help us to take this new, different path. Local digital marketing and local e-commerce will gain importance, I reckon.

What are the major challenges in your job sector Information Technology?

The challenges In the field of information technology are heightened fear of loss of data and cyber attacks. The IT department is always alert to securing major equipment housing the database.

How have you planned for the work-learning balance?

I would work during designated job hours and allocate a minimum of 6 hours per week from Monday to Friday. I would study for 3 hrs for both Saturday and Sunday.

How has Athena been unique during the Pandemic?

Athena has been providing useful reminders and some safety tips. I personally welcome it’s concern and advice to students.

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