Interview With Murad Z. Yousuf
Interview With Murad Z. Yousuf

"Once I get the degree, it would be a big achievement as I would have acquired extensive knowledge to apply to any business model.."

Murad Z. Yousuf 
Saudi Arabia
IMBA Batch 2020  

We would like to hear about you, your family, work and interests.

I am married, with 2 kids. I have been working in the technology sector for more than a decade and half. I travel a lot for both business or pleasure.

How have you been faring in the midst of this pandemic? What lesson did you learn from it?

This pandemic has brought everyone on the same page, that is, digital transformation . The idea of digital transformation which faced a great deal of resistance, has become a new trend due to this pandemic.

Name something you are passionate about. How do you pursue this passion?

Technology is my passion. It inspires me to achieve high tech results. I believe if you adopt technology, you can go deep till you learn it upside down.

Why did you plan to go for studies? What was your motivation for taking up studies at this point of your life?

Being in executive roles for almost a decade, I felt that now is the right time to add some new titles along with continuous learning which always keep you ahead in the race. My academic background is engineering while my career was always split into engineering , technology & management. To make it a perfect match ,I decided to pursue the official academic title of MBA with Athena. This adds a feather to my cap in the sphere of academics.

Does the course you are studying at Athena helping you to achieve your goals? Does it have a direct impact on the business or job you do? If yes, please elaborate.

Well , whatever I say it will always be Yes as achieving one’s goals in life is a long term affair. I cannot prove anything till the completion of my current MBA programme. Once I get the degree, it would be a big achievement as I would have acquired extensive knowledge to apply to any business model.

What’s the most valuable advice anyone has given you/you’ve read?

Some people at my workplace have always encouraged me and that includes managers and colleagues. They all have considerably influenced my career. One of my longtime back manager had advised during my early career days that if you want to grow, focus on new opportunities. This advice has motivated me to pursue continuous learning. You should never stop learning at any stage of your career.

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