Interview with Michael Max Aristide Zongo 

"I would like to build the capacity of my colleagues and civil society organization partners in various domains with my expertise."

Michael Max Aristide Zongo
Humanitarian Worker, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist
World Food Programme
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Integrated DBA  Batch 2021



Please tell us about yourself, your family and your interests.

I am a young African passionate humanitarian worker with over 10 years of experience across 15 African countries. I come from Burkina Faso ( a small West African country)  from a family of two ( my younger sister and I). I am always eager to learn new things with a zeal to overcome challenges.

What drew you to the program you are studying at Athena? Is it living up to your expectations?

From research conducted on the internet, I landed on the Athena website and found the academic programmes you offer very interesting and in line with my personal and professional development. Thereafter, I decided to join your learning institution. 

What would you like to do after completing this course  from Athena?

I would like to apply the knowledge and shared experience acquired from this course to my daily professional life and help build the capacity of my colleagues and civil society organization partners in various domains with my expertise.

What do you think makes a great teacher?

Passion to help others and transmit knowledge are essential criteria we should be expecting to find in a great teacher.  

What’s your dream job?

I am already on my dream job being an humanitarian worker in a field close to the most vulnerable people in need. I want to do my bit  to make the world a better place to live.

What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

Going  on field missions ( I did this twice)  to some of the  most dangerous places such as North East of Nigeria and in some parts of DRC where armed rebel groups and jihadists are present with the fear of being kidnaped or killed any time. 

What is your best childhood memory?

My best childhood memory is helping my grandmother sell vegetables at the village marketplace.

What is your idea of a perfect vacation?

Being isolated on an island without access to the internet for a few weeks and just enjoying the beauty of nature. 

Mention one important lesson you have learned in life that made you what you are today.

Never underestimate anybody, however insignificant you think the person might be (regardless of his/her job). Everybody in life is unique and deserves to be treated as such .

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