Interview With Eudorah Kudiabor
Interview With Eudorah Kudiabor

"Life is like a garden. I focus on tending to this garden, finding my bugs and getting rid of them to attract the butterflies.”

Eudorah Kudiabor 
Chief Medical Director
Life Scientists and Global Doctors Health Institutions

MBA Batch 2020 

Please tell us something about yourself, your family and your work.

I am from Ghana. There were 5 children in my family. I will be 34 years old this September.  I am married with a child, a boy. I am a licensed doctor of Naturopathy and currently practicing in Ghana. I got trained in Israel and did a correspondence course from India as well as from an institute in the USA. I studied colon hygiene, vegan and medical nutrition and specialized as a colon hydrotherapist.

What do you think is critical  to the business you are in ?

To me, it is customer satisfaction! I would even say that it is  my root motivation.

How do you schedule your day?

The academic school which is from preschool to basic level takes up most of my time. Regarding the health training school, I only conduct intensive training programs when the preschool and basic schools are on vacation. I attend the clinic on weekends and at night,  my  time is  devoted to the MBA program. I actually serve as a floater for all my businesses and due to that, I have employed key players to spearhead them.  All of them are very enthusiastic which inspires me to cope with them.

I am actually doing the business for my son and so I am keen to develop it. I always had the desire to create  generational wealth and knowing that my son would be well provided for in the future should anything happen to me, is enough to keep me going.

Do you engage in any other activities? What are your hobbies?

I teach yoga and dance three days a week.

And I write books. This is my third book. All three are currently being professionally edited and by next year ending, they should all be launched into the market.

Any suggestions for young mothers like you?

They should not limit themselves. I would advise them to choose something they love to do and then go for  it.

Why did you go for an MBA and what made you choose Athena ?

I have a natural desire for business. I own an academic and health training school.  All these institutes are in high demand and a lot has been invested in them. They bring in money but with the work and effort put into them, I believe they can give me a far higher return than what I am currently receiving. I want to know what goes into business administration so that I can have a fair idea on how my businesses are being managed. This program taught me  to assess  decisions I have taken in the past and I realized the mistakes I have made and the reason why I was not getting the return I should have been getting.

I chose online MBA due to time constraints and Athena because of the structure.  The flexibility of time, the fee  and payment per module system are very convenient.

Since you  are trained in different schools in different parts of the world, how do you rate the Athena model? Course wise?

From a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 10. The dedication of AGE to the students is awesome. Usually, it’s very hard to get supervisors fully dedicated to the students. If you are lucky, you do not get more than two people to contact directly. I can reach about 6 direct contacts from Athena.

Do you feel that the program you have chosen is up to your expectations?

I am just at the beginning stage but I am able to pick up on what I could have done differently for better results. It is giving me what I am looking for. Apart from using the knowledge I am gaining for my business, another thing that motivated me was how it could come handy should I have to relocate from Ghana temporarily. Since my husband is from the USA and if I join him over there, I feel I can rely on this MBA degree for an office job in case I do not feel like practicing Naturopathy.

Do you have a  compulsive need to excel and win?

I did not have an easy childhood. I was adopted. Both my biological  parents had died. I do not want any child experiencing the hardships I had gone through. That is enough to push me into striving for a better world. Having to deal with childhood trauma which scarred me, I am just grateful to be alive. When my adopted or what I call my spiritual parents stepped in, they loved me like I was their own flesh and blood. It made me stop dwelling on the past.: I learnt a lot from them because my mum (adopted) is also a Naturopathic doctor and my dad (adopted) is an organic agriculture consultant. I am blessed to have them. I am grateful for their continuous support and just knowing that they will be there for me when I need them is enough.

How do you deal with your mental health issues? 

When I was younger, it was very difficult because I could not even fully process what had transpired. I had regular mood swings before I met my spiritual parents. The more I read  on what had happened and how people were dealing with it, the more I understood. That relieved me from many of my invisible injuries. I stopped being hard on myself. Because I was into yoga, I came across a lot of psychotherapists who helped me to a degree. Life makes us winners.

Do you have  any message for people still struggling with mental health issues?

They should not be hard on themselves. They should learn to just stop and breathe. It is ok to take a break. They are never alone. They will be surprised to know how many people are in the same boat.  So people do understand and they need to learn to talk about it instead of keeping it bottled up inside. Professional help is crucial. Finally, they need to find a passion…a safe place where they can unleash it.

What does life mean to you?

Life is golden! Every moment is to be cherished, celebrated and no matter what I face, I know I am destined for the best and blessed beyond measure. Life is like a garden. I focus on tending to this garden, finding my bugs and getting rid of them to attract the butterflies.

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