Interview with Amos Mashavakure
Interview with Amos Mashavakure

My ambition and the support that l get from Athena staff as well as my family keeps me going and helps me to manage everything.

Amos Mashavakure 
Project Manager
Vhuyani Ncabane Trading Enterprise
South Africa

IMBA  Batch 2020 

Please tell us something about yourself and your family.

I was born on the 4th of July, 1977 in Masvingo, a small town of Zimbabwe. My parents were peasant farmers who solely depended on subsistence farming. I attended Chikava primary school, and I completed my secondary education from Chekai secondary school. l used to travel 10km by foot to school and during the holidays, my major activity was heading cattle and farming. Then I went to Mutendi for A level studies and that was my first time in boarding school. After that, I completed my BSc in Civil Engineering in 2003 and left the country for South Africa in search of greener pastures as well as running away from political persecution. That’s where my career started as a supervisor in construction.

Can you tell us something about your work?. How has the pandemic impacted South Africa?

I started my career as a supervisor, where l was in charge of works directed by the site agent. I rose through the ranks to become the site agent. I was in charge of managing projects. With more than 12 years of managing projects, my role is to plan the construction program, project costs, handle them, manage timely completion of projects, control quality, and human resources. The pandemic has greatly affected our country. The Government was faced with problems of placing large stimulus packages sourced from borrowing, placing the country on fiscal deficit. The stringent lock down put the country on the edge of recession leading to negative growth, unemployment, nationwide food shortages and poverty, to mention a few. The Government had to tackle the challenges of drafting plans to boost GDP, save jobs and provide relief grants to the unemployed. Then came massive corruption where much money was looted.

What do you think is in store for your industry, any new trends that are emerging and shaping the business?

The Government should invest in property development, road infrastructure, energy development to boost GDP and employment.

What was your reason for pursuing higher studies and why did you choose Athena Global Education?

The reason for pursuing higher studies is purely professional development. I choose Athena for the following reasons:

1. Allowing students to learn when they are at work.
2. Flexible payment system.
3. Packages that allow early exit.
4. Course content

How do you manage Work-Life-Study balance?

Work commitment should remain the same. I have worked to use my leisure time for studies.

Any socio-economic change that you think is affecting all the businesses?

The pandemic Covid-19 itself is the biggest socio-economic change affecting all businesses. Organizations centred around leisure are on the verge of liquidation.

We would like to know 1 thing that helps you manage all the work, study and family. What is the thing that keeps you going ?

My ambition and the support that l get from Athena staff as well as my family keeps me going and helps me to manage everything.

As far as business is concerned, what/who has inspired you the most with respect to your career/profession?

Barack Obama has inspired me tremendously. It’s unbelievable that a black child could be the President of the U.S.A. Not to forget our former president Nelson Mandela who stayed in prison for 27 years only to become a President after release. Sustainability is the way for the next generation to ensure that they are not deprived from achieving their goals.

One advice that you cherish the most and would like to share with our readers.

Jump higher and higher to achieve your dreams.

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