Interview with Tarek Mohamed Mahmoud Fouad Mostafa

"I love being able to tell people what to do based on data."

Tarek Mohamed Mahmoud Fouad Mostafa
Finance Systems Analyst 
Hamad General Hospital 


Master in Data Science Batch 2021

Please tell us about yourself and your family. 

I have been in the health care industry for over 16 years, primarily working in Finance Systems Analyst and project management roles. I have worked as a senior PM for large complex projects implementing Popular ERPs like IFS 7.5 , Cerner , Lawson M3 and others as well as managing Big Data for Integration. And now, I am looking to expand my experience in Data Science, especially to have a solid background in my chosen field. 

I am a father to twin babies who are six years old. They have been going to school for the last two years. They are very lazy and, at the same time, very smart. ☺ 

What drew  you to the program you are studying at Athena? Do you think it will help you to realise your career goals?

I have been navigating on the internet searching where to study Masters in Data Science and I came across UniAthena that has good google reviews. It is very affordable. The fees as well as the high quality program made me enroll after evaluating the demo. I love being able to tell people what to do based on data. My take on Data Science is a little bit different. I love Data Science for the journey rather than the results of it. The process of making something out of seemingly nothing delights me every time.

What would you like to learn next? What are your next career steps?

After completing Master in Data Science, I will start preparing for my PhD which is my next career goal.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

To be honest, I enjoy just lying on a couch, reading a good book, or watching an interesting movie. In my present job, I do a lot of physical work, and typically arrive home, dead tired. I have learned to listen to my body when it demands rest, so I give in to it.

Suppose you had to live alone on a deserted island for a month. What are the 3 things you will bring with you? 

3 must-have items when trapped on a deserted island:

  •  A knife
  • A fishing net
  • A giant box of matches

If you face a problem at work, what is the first thing you do?

  1. Calm down, breathe and think clearly. First things first. 
  2. Don't try to solve your problems and other people's problems at the same time. 
  3. Ask for advice from your family and your closest friends. 
  4. Be patient. 
  5. Stay positive. 
  6. Once you find the answer you were looking for, give thanks.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your life?How did you tackle it?

Recently, a former coworker left her job unexpectedly. She was the team leader on an important new project. When she left, my manager asked me to take it over. Although I had never performed her job duties in the past, I had previous leadership experience. Using my leadership and problem-solving skills, I pushed the project forward, encouraged the rest of the team and completed her responsibilities as well as mine. We were able to complete this project successfully before the deadline.

If you could only change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would like to remove the icy layer that surrounds the inner me because my personality is considerably warmer. People always tell me their first impression of me is of a block of wood. I am passive and I am cool (not the fashionably cool, but the personality cool, the uncaring cool). Actually, I am quite active, and I enjoy the company of others, but you need to break through all that ice to reach me. So I wish to remove that layer of ice.

What did you want to become when you were a child?

When I was a child, I wanted to be a scientist.

What is the last book you read and the movie you saw?

The book ‘Grit’ by Angela Duckworth inspired me to never give up on any task I set my mind to.

Who is the person you admire most and why?

The person who I admire the most is my father. I admire him because he is strong, a hard worker, and is caring. He has always been someone I have looked up to. When I was young, I looked up to my dad because he would spend time with me and we would have fun together. I respected him because I thought he was smart, he would always help me with my Math homework without a calculator. As a result, I learned how to use mental math. However, as I grew older, I realized that there are many other reasons that I admire my father.

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