Voices@Athena- Luyolo Phuthuma
Voices @UniAthena - Luyolo Phuthuma

"I am pleased with the program's learning method and the way the modules are structured to fit into my busy schedule"

Luyolo Phuthuma
Assistant Manager, Research & Development  and Digital Transformation

Master in Data Science Batch 2021

My name is Luyolo Phuthuma, I reside in Dubai, and work at Unilever as an Assistant Manager, Research & Development and Digital Transformation, looking after the MET (MET) Middle East, Turkey, Iran, and Israel markets within the Personal Care Category. My role involves being an Innovation Technical Project Leader, Innovation Data Management, as well as leading the Digital Transformation agenda for the MET Personal Care Category from the R&D standpoint. 

UniAthena has an incomparable level of flexibility in its mode of education, specifically catering to a wide range of learners, and for me personally, as a corporate individual, I am really pleased with the program's learning method and the way the modules are structured to fit into my busy schedule. Another aspect that has benefited me well during my study period is the fact that the course itself is very updated and exactly in line with the digital work that I am doing at work, which is such a great boost to my data and digital confidence level. 

The master level is very demanding for a full-time employee like myself, I, therefore, needed more supervisory guidance, especially at the time of thesis writing, and the institution evidently has such an amazing team in this space exactly for this purpose. The institution understands the fact that some learners, in addition to being full-time employees, are previously graduated learners who may have a sizable gap in academic orientation, hence the unmissable level of patience that I have personally witnessed at every supervision session. 

In summary, for me, this Master Degree with UniAthena, in addition to my regular work routine, is helping me enhance a data and digital area of my work experience, through the networking opportunities within and outside of Unilever, which would have been difficult under different circumstances.

Thank you!

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