To Inspire Great Actions, A True Leader is Required

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01 April, 2021

In today’s world, Leadership happens to be a very important matter, if not a priority for many. Entrepreneurs and business-minded people have extensively discussed the subject, urging fellow professionals to implement such a mindset within their entire community. The reason? Statistically speaking, a strong lack of Leadership philosophy and vision has been discovered within multiple organizations where practices are often misunderstood and poorly implemented. 

Recent studies showed that roughly one-quarter to more than half of new leaders fail within their first 18 months. Leaders can avoid becoming part of this staggering statistic by incorporating good leadership strategies that motivate their team members to accomplish their goals. Anyone can sit in a corner office and delegate tasks, but there is more to effective leadership than that. Effective leaders have a major impact on not only the team members they manage but also their company. Great leaders find the balance between business foresight, performance and character. They have vision, courage, integrity, humility, and focus along with the ability to plan strategically and catalyze cooperation amongst their team members.

Some people are natural leaders, they are born with an innate capability to envision a potential outcome for their community and transfer the vision in a clear yet transparent fashion to their people, while personally being involved in their work and maintaining genuine interest in seeing the organization succeed. Other leaders require the development of a specific set of skills, abilities and leadership style, necessary to lead effectively. How well an organization, company or business performs is directly related to how effectively the leader motivates and guides the employees. 

Leadership is not necessarily an augmentation of a given title; in fact, as mentioned, it happens to be a mindset, a way of life, a collection of specific values and qualities that may not currently exist within an individual, however, can surely be developed, constantly applying sincerity, reliability, integrity, competence, inspiration, teamwork, empowerment, and outstanding trust. A comprehensive set of qualities that must absolutely be nurtured during one's professional career in order to spread contagious energy, maximize the overall potential of employees, and elevate inspiration within a given community. Again, it is represented by the balance between business foresight, performance, and character. All of this can be achieved with an incredible work ethic and the strongest will while delivering the best possible experience.

Just like an Orchestra Director, a Leader must be able to manifest the best out of his artists, while supporting the utmost expression of their true selves, inspiring individuality, yet developing a sense of community, while blending and combining the beauty and uniqueness of each element into one incredible masterpiece.

Intelligence allows individuals to offer their own specific contribution and at the same time receive feedback from larger groups and serve them in a meaningful and fully connected way. Leadership is the ability to look at the whole picture, avoiding judgment and prejudice, removing oneself from the equation, as a sacrifice worth the ultimate prize: The Greater Good! Inspire Great Leadership. Lead by example.


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