The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Arrival of “VEEGA”

t A.D. Namal Ranga Karunarathna  |   3 mins read April 14, 2022 | 3 | 261 eye icon

The Covid-19 pandemic was a master blast across the world, drastically changing human lives.

The situation opened many doors and shut many paths for numerous businesses and services all over the world. Due to the isolation and quarantine protocols applied, people were left with minimal choices and movements.

Service providers in the IT and automation industry got busy with providing and implementing new ways of supporting the new life brought about by the pandemic. Companies had to find multiple sources that could automate their systems and operations to allow their employees to work from home; daily needs remained the same, limiting people to fulfilling them as usual. Purchases and deliveries needed to be automated to facilitate groceries and other daily needs.  Countries went all out to make it easier for the people by automating and linking their services and operations to support the new lifestyle. The medical sector worked very hard to fulfill a host of health requirements and all these were tailored towards automation service providers.

There were so many interesting concepts and new businesses that popped up during this pandemic that people started to believe in a simple automated lifestyle similar to the imaginary futuristic world cartoons watched by the 80s generation. This trend is really interesting and this could be a revelation of robotic and automation concepts.

Delivery services were forced to expand their deliveries to meet the real door-to-door service encompassing restaurants, supermarkets, and home appliances. Pharmacies went online to sell medical products and get them delivered to customers.

Looking at these social requirements all around, Datalink Automations PVT Ltd introduced a mobile application that supports all Android and IOS mobile phones that helps automate daily delivery needs. VEEGA is an app where riders, drivers, and all car owners can register their vehicles on the platform with valid identification. VEEGA allows the customer to select any kind of vehicle as per their need and the nearest available suitable vehicle will be assigned to be delivered to the recipient. VEEGA is a service planned for South Asian and African countries allowing all vehicle owners to join the service and get an additional income. This can minimize the number of cars moving on streets as some cars can do deliveries on their way to the office or on the way to drop off a passenger on his taxi and many scenarios depending on people's movements.

VEEGA has incorporated easy payment options locally, allowing customers to make payments most conveniently through bank transfers, mobile wallets, VISA cards, MASTER cards, and others.

A customer can download VEEGA through Playstore and APPSTORE to get the service and Rider to support the service and make the payment. The customer portion is only for requesting a delivery service and he will be prompted with the status of the package and can track the package with many more security functions to protect the package and avoid theft.

The driver portion is simple with a somewhat long registration process as VEEGA collects enough information from them relating to providing the fastest, trusted, secured, and effective delivery to the customer, making life easy and safe.

VEEGA is all for a green and healthy future.

A.D. Namal Ranga Karunarathna
Director - Sales Operations
DATALINK Automations Pvt Ltd
Sri Lanka
Master of International Business Administration
Batch 2022


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