My Couch is the New Cubicle! A Take on Working From Home

Take on Working From Home Sukanya G   |   3 mins read July 16, 2022 | 87 eye icon

How the Recent Epidemic Changed Our Lives

This is a small takeaway from the everyday life of a professional, post pandemic. You know… the one time not long ago when we were all terrified, getting shots, wondering about how things had changed, and how long we had to face the harsh reality of being stuck in a house, unsure of how we could get back to work. Was it all a dream? Can we really go back to the way things were? Do we want it to?

"Wake up and get ready just like you're going to work. If you stay in your slippers all day you will not be as productive."

-Elijah Schneider

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Getting used to the new life

We were so used to the daily routine that we were accustomed to... waking up, checking emails, getting on a bus, and hoping you had enough time to grab a coffee!

Now? I’d say it’s about the same, minus the arduous travel time. And who doesn’t love coffee in bed?

We've all heard it. "This will never happen"... well, i’m writing this in my pajamas, so here we are. I don’t hate my alarm anymore. And I still get the work done. So the question we’re asking ourselves is... What really changed?
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More ‘me’ time

It didn’t take me long to adjust to the new setting — sure, the work part is the same—but so what changed? Why did the days feel much longer than what I’m used to? Was I just bored? Do I need a new hobby? Or is it the chores we do for our lovely moms "now that we’re home"? 


I simply had more…. TIME! Yes. Remember those hours of back and forth to the office? Surprisingly, or well, unsurprisingly, it all adds up. I had an extra hour or two to do things I never had the time for… 

Yoga, cooking up (or messing up) new recipes - things I didn’t know I wanted. To top it off, the money saved from all the traveling.

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It’s not ALL bad

But is this better than I’m used to? Do we really miss office life? The chatter, the mandatory group activities, instant coffee...? not really. 

It made me wonder how much time we spend WAITING to get to work and then WAITING to get home. Odd, now that you think about it, isn't it? Well, join the club.

Now that offices are accustomed to just getting the work done, and not wondering about ‘where’ it’s done, we’re getting a glimpse of the greener side of things for a change.

We can’t say for sure if this is going to stick, and higher management always seems to prefer everyone join the office culture. This brings out a lot of opportunities for people who can’t afford to travel or relocate. 

Honestly, I enjoy the extra time I can spend with my loved ones. And looking back, I can see what we’ve been missing. I hope this "work from home" culture or the better term which seems to fit better— "work from ANYWHERE" is here to stay. And I'm loving it!


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