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19 September, 2022

“You are enough just as you are” - Meghan Markle

When we get married, we make vows to our partners through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. So next are vows to ourselves. Have we created one? Have we ever thought at all? Have you ever questioned why certain people just seem so confident? We would have had a thousand questions about how they believe in themselves so completely when we doubt ourselves every single time. We would have finally convinced ourselves that they were a different package altogether, more skilled, more talented, or whatever you call them. However, this is not true. Each of us has our own set of strengths and weaknesses. We focus less on our strengths and beat ourselves up on those things we are not good at. As a result, our strengths start vanishing and our weaknesses take over. This is the case for half the population. Instead of beating us up on our weaknesses, why can't we talk to ourselves kindly and compassionately, encouraging ourselves to do better? We show our compassion to others around us, but when it comes to showing that compassion to ourselves, we suddenly become mean and judgemental. Try talking to yourself in the same way you would to a loved one because you don't want to hurt their feelings at any cost. Apply the same compassion inwards because you are so precious. So many people seek approval and confidence from other people. Basing your self-worth on the opinions of others makes you very delicate, and your feelings are easily brittle. 
Try complimenting and appreciating yourself after a day of genuine effort and hard work. Praise yourself more often and you'll forget you don't need anyone's approval or praise. The resolute belief in yourself and the gentle understanding that you are good enough comes from your inner confidence, which can only be obtained through self-recognition and self-affection. You can only radiate genuine affection to the world if you feel it in your heart. People are more into showing empathy to people around them who are in need of genuine love, but turning inwards and empathising with oneself requires more understanding of your own self which most of us ignore... We think we are pampering ourselves by doing it, but is that so? Is it not the basic thing we need to practice doing as and when we feel low? In doing that, we feel the divine love of ourselves, which can create wonders for our self-worth... Do it more often and you will see the magic happening within and around you...
So dear friends, let's radiate strength by loving ourselves more and being good to ourselves because there is no love deeper than self-love... 


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