Movie Review: A Haunting in Venice

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07 December, 2023

A Haunting in Venice is a suspenseful, thrilling, and terrifying journey. It comes across as an unsettling mystery to the viewers. A psychopathic storyline that makes one think of Orson Welles Every home in Venice is cursed and has a ghost. Fear stories make life seem less scary. This highly stylized 1947 Venice, Italy, picture features Haris Zambarloukos's cinematography, which presents a rich symphony of the era and its environment. People are dressed to the nines in forest green plaid, taupes, navy blues, and dark woollens. The way the camera angles create a mood of dread and make everything seem eerily out of place is what makes it so fascinating. A combination of the twisted, crooked, and tilted views with the informative portrait shots deftly presents a variety of viewpoints. After a thorough examination, they conclude that nothing is psychologically, internally, or outwardly correct. In this rendition of a time capsule, progress is backward. There's no need for more explanation because the killer's motivation will become evident as the film progresses.

Kenneth Branagh, who plays a conceited, high-IQ character. Kyle Allen brings a battered and perspiring presence. Acting as a frenzied and vulnerable figure is Camille Cottin. Jamie Dornan, assuming the role of Clark Kent Tina Fey gave a feisty and incisive performance.

Jude Hill, who plays a snarky, smug smartass. Ali Khan is acting as sidekick #2 and being proactive. Emma Laird, a preemptor who personifies sidekick #1 Kelly Reilly, portrayed a character characterized by anguish and a hairdo.  Riccardo Scamarcio: growling and making ugly comments Michelle Yeoh, who plays the character with brooding and broken traits,

A succinct synopsis of the ensemble cast, whereby every member excels in their individual roles, makes this movie very visually appealing. The actors are the main emphasis of director Kenneth Branagh's restricted filmmaking technique.  His direction moves between close-ups, sideways glances, and overhead perspectives, resembling a variety of optical instruments, including a microscope, telescope, and binoculars. This transforms the entire production into an examination room where everyone and everything is attentively examined, providing possible hints.

Through bizarre monologues, confessional tales, and psychological insights that never quite convey what you need to know but expose all you might wish to hide, author Michael Green reveals the narrative and characters. Individuals in life tell you what you want to hear, what you'd prefer not to know, and sometimes even what makes you doubt yourself.

Last but not least, get ready to apply critical thinking skills as the flow of phrases, pictures, and moods weaves a mosaic of deceit where every detail seems like a solved mystery from Scooby-Doo.

Nithish Nair
Senior Learning Facilitator



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