On Humanity

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Today I would like to talk about humanity. Cruelty is the opposite of humanity. Hearing about cruelty towards all living beings all the time, it always hurts. Let's talk about it.

What is Humanity?

Mankind should be taken for granted by humans because their very existence signifies humanity. It is the nature of being collectively human. Ironically, people are beginning to lack compassion and humane qualities. Rampant terrorism and genocide are evidence that people are very poor at making themselves human.

Importance of Humanity

As we progress, the true essence of humanity is gradually getting lost. It is important to remember that human behavior must not have personal interests such as fame, money, or power.  

The world we live in is restricted by borders. Fortunately, you can travel anywhere and experience what you love. Many nations are constantly fighting for land, resulting in the loss of many innocent lives. Other humanitarian crises festering in Yemen, Syria and Myanmar have also claimed the lives of millions. Humanity is the need of the hour as the situation has not yet been resolved.

Most importantly, human beings are not only limited to humans themselves, they also embrace the environment and all living things. We must show true empathy and come together to help others, animals, and our environment to heal and prosper.

The Great Humanitarians

There are many great humanists living among us and in history. Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, to name a few. These are just a few of the names most people know. 

Mother Teresa was a woman who devoted her life to serving the poor. Rabindranath Tagore was an Indian poet and writer who truly believed in humanity and considered it to be his true religion. Nelson Mandela was also a great philanthropist who worked for the poor. He never discriminated against people based on skin color, gender, beliefs and others. 

In addition, Mahatma Gandhi serves as a shinning example of how he devoted his life to liberating the country and serving his compatriots. He died in national service and worked to develop the country. We all need to be inspired by such extraordinary people. These great acts of humanism inspire us to make our lives better. It is important that we immerse ourselves in the act of giving to help those in need. Overall, humanity arises from selfless and compassionate acts.

Blots on Humanity

Terrorism: Terrorist attacks continue to support inhumane acts and only prove that humanity has been lost in the souls of those who blindly support them.  

Hatred: In all terrorist activities, more and more hatred are directed to one or the other community, and innocent blood is shed in the process. 

Climate change: It can be seen all over the world. A melting glacier. Smog fills our lungs, and then the President of the United States makes a statement against global warming. Yes, let's ignore what is happening. 

Poverty: Waste is everywhere. The storage system is bad. Obesity is also increasing, but most of the population still sleeps on an empty stomach every day. 

Humanity was never lost 

Charity: There is no shortage of donations for a good cause. Volunteers are everywhere, working selflessly for refugees and migrants.

Love and Acceptance: It is heartwarming to see a social activist adopt a severely malnourished African boy and bring him back to life.

Positive efforts: There are people who work for world peace and poverty eradication. That is significant.

Consciousness: People today are more conscious and do not easily fall blindly into trenches created for political gain.


If humanity truly exists, it will one day find its way amongst all the fears, hatred, pollution, and bots that have swamped the world. Instead of sitting and complaining, we should do something in the name of what we believe in.



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MD Shakhawat Hossain
Telecom Professional-Head of DPO
Integrated Doctorate of Business Administration
Batch 2022


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