UniAthena Goes Premium: Introducing Courses for Accelerated Professional Development

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16 August, 2023

Following the success of the Short Courses platform with over 1 Million Global Learners, we are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our offerings – UniAthena Premium Courses. Building on a catalogue of over 450+ short courses, these premium offerings are an attempt to redefine upskilling and accelerate professional development for our global learner base.

Designed to elevate the learning experience, the Premium Courses will be delivered by UniAthena's strategic partners, such as The CPD Certification Service and Acacia University Professional Development (AUPD), US. Certification in Finance for Business Leaders, MBA Essentials with Financial Risk Management, and MBA Essentials with E-Commerce are some of the notable courses being offered through the premium category. MBA Essentials/ Mini MBA, a major category under the initiative, is structured to impart critical management concepts within a concise 4-5 week timeframe. Enrolled learners will have access to an extensive e-library, engaging case studies, and supplementary readings to deepen their topical understanding. This will be complemented by the bonus practice quizzes that will further reinforce comprehension and retention of the topics studied.

Learners interested in the premium courses will have the option to choose among three subscription tiers – Classic, Silver, and Gold. While Classic offers a foundational learning experience, Silver expands access to a rich variety of 15 courses over six months. The Gold subscription, spanning an entire year, will unlock access to a comprehensive 30-course package. As part of our commitment to affordability, all subscriptions will enjoy substantial discounts on the certification fees. Additionally, learners will have the freedom to chart their own learning paths and master skills at their pace and convenience.

Since its inception, UniAthena has championed the cause of equipping individuals with in-demand skills to thrive in the 21st-century job market. We believe that the Premium Courses will catalyze career growth for our learners and add tangible value to their professional journeys.

To explore the subscription plans and premium courses, please visit the Short Courses section on our website here: Short Courses


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