The Data Revolution: How Data Science is Changing the World

08 May, 2023

The concepts of data science that we know today took its first baby steps in 1962, John Tukey first described it as “data analysis”. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the need for data science expertise will lead to a 27.9% increase in employment in the sector by 2026. Even by tech standards, data science has risen so quickly that it is simple to forget that it is a very young discipline. It refers to compiling, cleaning, processing, and analyzing data sets for insightful decision-making. These insights provide startling revelations in various applications such as speech pattern recognition, image analysis, ML, etc.

What is Data Science?

It is referred to as the study of data in order to gain actionable insights by combining maths, statistics, programming methods, and Artificial Intelligence. These insights are used as a guide for perfecting the decision-making process and strategic planning. This information explosion was never seen in human history, this has made it a high-value component of every organization from businesses to sports and government agencies for analyzing various aspects of human settlements. 

How data science is changing the world?

1. Healthcare Domain: 

Every human body generates over 2 terabytes of data each day, which includes information on activities like stress level, heart rate, blood sugar, and more. In order to manage such massive volumes of data, data science is utilized. Using the information gathered assists in the monitoring of a patient's health.

2. Sports: 

Information and technology have spread their roots in the sports industries, analyzing matches for actionable insights and tactical decision-making. Teams use data analysis tools to predict the match outcomes and tend to change the result with strategies in favour of their teams. Liverpool FC won the 2019 Premier League Cup single-handedly relying on Data-science. 

3. Government Agencies: 

The data of every individual is continuously recorded by the government. Every person in the nation is covered by the government's database. They have the resources to get any information. These resources are explored to verify and validate criminal cases against any suspect.

4. E-commerce: 

Online shopping has changed the face of the shopping experience for everyone. These e-commerce sites keep a record of every transaction and search and analyze and discover patterns, which are then used for targeted marketing. One of the best examples in the e-commerce industry is commercial ads on such sites. 

5. Social Sites: 

Social sites have completely changed the way people connect with each other. These social networking sites have become the center point of social relations. These sites collect data from every user and mold it to showcase custom news feeds for every individual.

How can you start your career?

All these above applications make this the most sought-after career choice. A bunch of top universities like Guglielmo Marconi University Italy, and Cambridge International Qualification, UK offer full-time diploma and degree courses with UniAthena. And if you are a beginner looking to learn the Basics of Data Science, there's also a free learning course on the same.

Take your first step with a data science short course and improve your career prospects. 


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