Eaton Business School Adds another Feather to its Illustrious Cap

Eaton Business School Dr. Intekhab Mujibi  |   3 mins read June 30, 2022 | 31 eye icon

Westford Education Group takes pride in announcing that it’s online educational institute, Eaton Business School (EBS), has been certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’. Eaton is the Group’s second business school to be honoured with this prestigious recognition.

Various character traits of an organization earn it the tag of ‘a Great Place to work’. An embedded culture of care, a total embrace of diversity, flexibility, transparent communication, encouragement of ingenuity, and support to the innovative minds are some of the intrinsic attributes that make an organization stand out among other similar entities. Eaton Business School has inculcated all these traits to become a sought-after destination to learn and work. It is a melting pot of diverse cultures, traditions and ethnicities that summarizes its international appeal. These qualities enable EBS to extend its presence across continents with an intramural influence.

Of all the qualities that make a good organization a great organization is the level of transparency the management and its various departments practice. At EBS, the Open-Door policy implemented by top management breeds a sense of openness and receptivity among the entire team.

In order to function as a unit with different staffs possessing diverse character traits, inculcating a culture of cooperation among the team is paramount at EBS. In tune with this goal, EBS is committed to bring this collegial work environment within the organization. One way to generate a sense of co-responsibility is offering them avenues for engaging in friendly banters and group games. This leads to rejuvenation of their energies which result in enhanced work output.

At Eaton, the staff see themselves as a group of individuals working as a unit to achieve a shared goal. To accomplish missions, Eaton encourages employees to build a distinct identity and collaborate in a coordinated and mutually supportive manner. The staff’s bid to understand the Eaton’s core values and strategies equips them with the needed dedication to put their career on the right path.

This work culture was aptly described by Mr. Mashrook Ali, Executive Director at Eaton Business School. “We, at EBS, are driven by the single motto of ‘Action with Passion and a Noble intention’. Every staff member is given the freedom to express this motto to their colleagues as well as the learners at EBS”, says Mr. Ali. “People, who understand the real purpose of their work and the values they bring to the team, are treasured assets for any organization, and we are fortunate to have them in abundance”, he exclaims!

Eaton Business School is an online education entity that embraces modern technology and pedagogy. It has its offices in UAE, UK, India and Singapore. EBS is working relentlessly to devise means of replacing conventional learning methods with innovative methods by tapping into the optimum potential of the internet. It believes in adapting to modern exigencies in course delivery which ensures an ‘up to date’ working culture while maintaining highest ethical standards.


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