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The Covid-19 pandemic is creating havoc as I am writing this. It has taught us a lot of things and one thing of paramount importance is Digital Readiness. It is technology that will allow people and businesses to function as usual, should another pandemic hit us.

COVID- 19 has proven to be a unique catalyst (If you look at the positive side of things) for transformation on a global scale. Though the footprint left by the pandemic will have an effect for an unpredictable time and the speculation that things may not be fully reversed to a pre-pandemic stage, it has paved the path for newer technologies. The BREAK THE CHAIN policy has given birth to a host of new technological devices that reduce human contact while increasing the quality of products.

These technologies have proven to be contenders in the offing:

1.AI- Artificial Intelligence

A whooping 16 trillion USD  is what is estimated to be the contribution of Artificial Intelligence to the economy by 2030. The recent research in the field has given a cutting edge to data processing and recognition software. 

Not only are lives guided by ‘work from home’, consumers too now feel the need to shop online. Economies are slowly rejuvenating and companies will be using AI to better understand the consumer needs and spending choices. Supply chains essentially will largely rely on AI to enhance the experience of the online consumer.

AI is capable of analyzing larger amounts of data and arriving at clearer solutions on predicting the behaviour and patterns of consumers. Speech and image recognition are based on LTE (Long Term Evolution) learning to adapt and extend to human behavior. This will vastly increase the grasp of companies as things get back to normal.

2. Cloud Computing

There has been an estimated 775% hike in Cloud Computing according to Microsoft reports.  This is one sector that has grown tremendously after the pandemic hit us.

Post COVID- 19,  we will see a further hike in this technology as the demands of greater data is only going to increase. Even teaching has led to a greater demand for apps and cloud based platforms. Gearing up to meet the new demands, many cloud providers have quickly upgraded to  satisfy the consumers better. 

3. AR/VR

The isolation that came with the pandemic has increased the number of players of video games. Travel enthusiasts have been using AR and VR to fulfil their desires. There is a rise in demand for better VR/AR games and social meet-ups.

Businesses too have introduced this technology in Group Discussions, Training and Presentations. The best part is that scientists base their study on the corona virus using this technology. There will only be a further sky rocketing in this sector as it promises endless capabilities.

4. 5G

The in thing for connectivity enthusiasts is the introduction of the 5G network. This is to be launched somewhere between 2020-30 and will rebuild the mobile technology as we know it now. It has been tested and is 5 times faster than the ultra fast that we know now. Mobile and other platforms are to be introduced to super connectivity with better load speeds and stability.

This was still only in the Beta stage and was not to be introduced until later but the COVID- 19 spread will make its introduction sooner than speculated. The work at home/ learn at home has been strangling the available network and the only way out is the introduction of the 5G.

To reduce the chances of cross touching, more and more devices will take on the VUI or Voice Used Interface. There is no end to what may come under this technology and even plumbing equipment are now coming with this enabled service.

Do you think I have missed out anything? Please feel free to share.

Bob Sukesh
Student Experience and Engagement Team
Athena Global Education

Bob has been a blogger, e-book author, and ghostwriter for almost a decade. Being a linguist and a lover of language, blogging has been his passion. He has worked as a sub-editor and progressed to Copy Editor. Now, Bob heads the Student Experience and Engagement team at Athena. Bob and his team are determined to help students achieve the dreams they have about their careers and life.


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