Christmas Memories

14 December, 2022

Christmas is around the corner, and joy, happiness, and cheer are in the air. What else could be so happening, hearts filled with cheer, smiling faces, and memory-making moments? Once again, the celebrations of the year remind us of the times we had been celebrating year-round. I am sure all of us had many fun-filled moments to reminisce about and relive. That also reminded me that the exchange of gifts and the sharing of delicacies are the most integral parts of our lives as worldly beings. These gifts denote our warmth and love for the ones that we never want to lose. Their presence, the sharing of feelings, and the exchange of emotions bring that immense relief to our hearts. The various savories and snacks shared bring a new taste to our held choices. I feel this in itself is the best way to tell yourself that God has gifted us with blessings that take forms to transform us. Not to forget the tough times that tested us! Those ones had their share, too. Alas! They have passed. Have we ever thought about our robotic lives? The head and the heart are still the essence of our lives. We need a splash of liveliness and cheer. The joy that makes us ready for the never-ending challenges.

It's the challenges that shape us. They get the best of us. I think they are a call for the joys ahead; they fuel our energy and minds. Getting the best out of our challenges, and redeeming them, feels burdensome, yet it always pays off with the positivity of the memories that we have. We can’t let these challenges overcome us. There is a lot more to do and see through every situation.
These memories have taken me to the aroma of baked cookies, cakes, and desserts that fill the air during Christmas. Baking has been an art that each one of us should learn to fuel our creativity in us. It gives immense pleasure to bake and serve with love. Desserts are "Sweet", and so are our lives. That sweetness makes us tempted to crave more. That sweetness fills us, so why not spread the sweetness this Christmas? A little gift from my side that says, "Bake your favorite dessert and feel the magic"! Go out there and make new memories that bring surprises! Spread love and light! Yet another time to remember Jesus Christ and the time he has blessed us with, the faith that he keeps in us, and the love he asks us to share with our people. Don’t forget to pray!

Wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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