Can You Be A Good Manager? Find Out With This Checklist!

09 February, 2024

Anyone can become a Manager. But few can be the kind of Manager who earns people’s respect, inspires his team and guides them to victory. If this sounds like the Manager you’d like to be, then there are a few key skills you must develop.

  • Leadership: This is a favourite word among aspiring Managers, but not many perform this skill well. To be a good Leader, you must develop the perfect blend of effective, firm and empathetic people management. You need to develop an eye for detail when leading your team. This will help you understand the unique features of each member’s personality, their strengths and weaknesses and how their talents can be utilised for maximum results.
  • Lifelong Learning: The worst mistake a Manager can make is to stay stagnant. As the world evolves at lightning speed, effective Managers rush twice as fast to upskill themselves, polish their abilities and discover new ventures for success. Great Leaders know that success will not come for people stuck in the past, and lifelong learning is the key to continual growth.
  • Financial Management: As a Manager, you will have significant control over financial decisions. This means that you should have a firm knowledge of financial management, from bookkeeping to developing company budgets. A strong understanding of Finances can also help you make informed and strategic decisions when allocating budgets.
  • Accountability & Ownership: This is not a topic covered in most Business Administration Programs, but strong leaders will always own up to the consequences of their decisions - be they good or poor. There is nothing more inefficient and unethical than a Manager blaming the outcomes of poor decision-making on his subordinates. Accountability helps Managers learn valuable lessons and earn people’s respect.
  • Project Management: Effective Managers will be skilled at developing new initiatives, formulating projects and delegating responsibilities to the team. Project Management requires foresight, practicality, and organisational and planning skills. It also demands the ability to think critically, strategically, analytically and problem-solve like a pro. Strategic Management and Operations require similar skill sets.
  • Data Analysis: Modern-day Managers are data-driven. As a leader, you should be updated in your knowledge of Data Analytical techniques and use Data insights to develop strategies. You should also be open to using Data to identify pain points, develop appropriate solutions and examine the success/failure of the solutions. You should also equip your team with the appropriate tools, from software to employee training, that are needed to become familiar with and master Data-led interventions.

Do you have these skills? Find out with this Checklist!
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Sheza Firoz
Junior Content Writer



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