Firoz Thairinil Features in Business Talk Magazine’s Influential Entrepreneurs 2022 List

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07 October, 2022

We are happy to announce that Firoz Thairinil, founder and CEO of Westford Education Group, has been named to the Influential Entrepreneurs 2022 list by Business Talk Magazine. Business Talk is a digital business magazine that focuses on business entities, their innovations, technological benchmarks, USPs, and milestones. The magazine has published a series of interviews with all the listed entrepreneurs, including UniAthena’s founder, Firoz Thairinil.

This year’s list has given space to entrepreneurs from a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, design technology, digital branding, fin-tech, and education. The entrepreneurs listed along with Mr. Firoz include Lexis Serot (founder & CEO, LittleWins), Abdul K. Naushad (founder & CEO, Buckzy Payments), Michael Gastauer (founder & CEO, Black Banx Group), Adam Petrilli (CEO, NetReputation) and Oscar de la Hera Gomez (founder, Delasign).

The interview sheds light on Firoz's journey from the Banking industry to his entry into the Higher Education sector with Westford Education Group in 2009. It reflects his passion for making education accessible to a larger global community. It also highlights how innovation and investment in technology allowed Westford and its various enterprises to achieve the noble goal of "accessible education to all."

In his advice to students and budding entrepreneurs, Firoz said,  “Dream it and pursue it diligently. Lots of innovations and solutions never reach the world because of fear of failure. Failures are inevitable, so accept them, learn from them, and keep moving. Treat each of your failures as a new learning experience. Go for dreams which you believe in and are passionate about, something which will truly satisfy you.”

The complete interview can be read here:


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