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"It is the goal of those who lead to ensure the well-being of the team in order to better understand the  nature of productivity and progress."

Balan V Pillai
Global Business Development Director / COO
Fortune Group / PT Primeco Group

Masters in Supply Chain and Logistics Management Batch 2021

The Value of Teamwork

I have always believed that the Team is more valuable than the individual. If the team does not have a common goal, the individual is of no consequence. It is the goal of those who lead to ensure the well-being of the team in order to better understand the nature of productivity and progress. 

As a Team player, I have been involved in the strategic development of businesses covering trade financing, supply chain solutions, container freight station depot, warehousing material management, and transportation for over 30 years. I have advocated the commercial entries of commodity and steel trading, as well as providing telecommunications, transmission (power sector), and electronics supplies to strengthen the procurement arm of a logistics value-chain business strategy. Along with my experience and the additional knowledge that I  gained from an esteemed organization, it was truly a win-win scenario.
My team and I have been involved with the principal activities of the supply of OEM/ODM telecommunications, transmission, and electronic products, and manufactured/fabricated steel products with complete EPC Support for any type of Infrastructure project.  We also handled the development and trading of Petroleum Products, both Crude and Refined. The main markets are mainly the Middle  East, India, and ASEAN countries. In India, I represented one of the main vendors supplying Telecommunication Towers for the WN04 Project of M/s  Reliance Communication, Indus Corporation, Airtel & GTL of India. We supplied about 6000 Towers. In The Middle East and  ASEAN, we coordinated the supply of Steel and Petroleum Products, not just the procurement but the logistics of over 350,000 MT of galvanized steel from China to India. 

I have been part of a team responsible for coordinating and overseeing the business development activities of the Fortone Group, PT Primeco  Group, OS Steel Group, Tesseract Technologies Limited for monitoring the implementation of business strategies and ensuring all departments are executing their objectives to meet the overall corporate goals. We have worked and conducted business dealings with all sorts of individuals, government officials and corporate executives for the past 30 years. 

As stated in my CV, I have been involved with Fortone Group EPCF (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Financing). Fortone Group, a comprehensive group enterprise with multiple international business activities, is specially engaged in international project investment, international project contracting and financing, and international trade, with head office located in Shenyang, the capital city of  Liaoning Province, China. 

As an investor, contractor, and equipment supplier, the Group has completed and participated in hundreds of international mega-projects since its foundation, in myriad business fields including power, new energy, railways, hospitals, real estate, hotels, and resort development,  airports, ports, petro-chemistry, mining, metallurgy, building materials, medical services, comprehensive city development, industrial parks,  and others. Besides, Fortone Group is one of the earliest groups in China to perform PPP & BOT in government infrastructure construction projects.  During the past years, the Group was highly spoken of by the clients due to its flexible investment modes, smooth funding source, strong cooperation partners, professional technical teams, precise quality control, and dedicated working attitude. 

Fortone Group's core subsidiary, Liaoning Complete Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd (LCMEEC) has more than 60 years of history and has participated in the construction of hundreds of large-scale projects in various industries in China, including EPC contracting,  subcontracting, technical consulting, complete equipment supply, operating training services and others. The cumulative project execution amount reached several billions RMB.
Fortone Group is more focused on the investment and development of new technology applications. We have developed and integrated intelligent one-stop solutions that include intelligent lithium batteries, intelligent swapping stations, intelligent electric vehicles, and an intelligent network as a complete system. 

I have served on the Executive Management of Sea-Shore Transportation Group, OS Steel Group, Tesseract Technology Group and am currently on the Executive Management of Fortone Group, Liaoning Kaixin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, PT PrimeCo Group. 

Being involved in the above teams and organizations has given me hands-on experience that could not be gotten in any classroom or lecture hall when it came to resolving situations that had to be dealt with at the moment at any given time. 

Given the chance to serve and learn is most challenging and fulfilling. This is my passion for always wanting to seek knowledge to improve myself to the best of my abilities, it is where I along with my team perform the best. 



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