Top 4 Skills that Every HR Professional Needs

Top Skills that Every HR Professional Needs Sheza Firoz  |   3 mins read June 17, 2022 | 1 | 169 eye icon

No organization can survive without the effort of its Human Resources. Unlike machinery, there is a need for nuance and tact in managing and handling Human Resources, making HRM a booming and lucrative industry. HRM officials hire employees, resolve workplace disputes, address employee grievances, allocate benefits, formulate and implement policies and maintain employee satisfaction. 

This is no small feat, which is why the US Bureau of Labour Statistics found that the median salary of an HR manager with a Bachelor’s Degree is $121,220 per year. This field is lucrative and its potential only grows year after year. But what skills, hard and soft, do you need to break into this field? 

1. Psychological/Behavioural Knowledge:

HR Professionals are required to manage employees of varying personalities, aptitudes and temperaments. Doing so requires knowledge and insight into fundamental aspects of Behaviour. They are also required to conduct personality tests and understand the strengths and weaknesses of employees. These abilities help you develop a solid HR-friendly resume. 

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2. Leadership Skills

HR Professionals require sharp leadership skills to be able to manage the workforce effectively. This will enable them to guide employees to reach their fullest potential and meet company goals. It is also proof that the HR professional is capable of taking responsibility for the workforce’s performance and can take appropriate measures to improve workplace efficiency. An HR Manager with solid leadership skills will be able to coordinate team efforts and motivate employees to give their best. Leadership skills will also help HR professionals solve concerns arising within the organization as it will help them take charge and address the issue. 

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3. Cultural Sensitivity

As the world grows closer together, HR professionals are now responsible for managing a culturally diverse workforce. In multi-cultural settings, there is always the potential for culture shock, miscommunication and conflicts. HR professionals, in response, must be well informed about the cultural sensitivities and norms of the individuals present under their supervision. They must also be able to act as a mediator if cultural misconceptions arise between employees. 

They should also be empathetic and open to any concerns that minority culture employees may bring to them. 

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4. Workforce Organisational Skill

HR professionals strongly require the ability to organize, allocate and prioritize efficiently. They will need solid time management skills as well, to ensure proper and timely completion of tasks by themselves and others. HR professionals have strict deadlines and must be able to adhere to them. Additionally, HR Professionals require the ability to delegate tasks to employees efficiently. This skill functions in collaboration with Psychological/behavioral knowledge as it requires an understanding of employees’ temperaments, strengths and weaknesses to allocate tasks that suit their abilities. They also must have strong planning and recruitment skills to ensure that qualified and competent employees are found and hired. 

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