UniAthena's DBA Program: It’s More Than 200 Enrolments Till Date and Counting!

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02 March, 2023

We are proud to share that our distinguished Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program has successfully completed over two years since its launch. The program, tailor-made for business executives, has seen a continual surge of global enrolments since its initiation.

According to our 2023 mid-Q1 Report, we have witnessed a 100% enrolment surge from November’22 to February’23, logging in a total count of more than 200 learners from over 65 countries spread across 5 continents to date. 

Dr. Sree Lakshmi, Head of Research Programs at UniAthena, said in a statement, “Our learners are aware that we are offering a unique, 100% online, self-paced Doctoral Degree from one of the top Universities in Europe – the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) Spain! The worldwide corporate acceptance of our DBA Program is one of our biggest strengths. In general, business executives and managers today are keen on advancing their business research education for better organizational decision-making and want a quality education provider that also adapts to their work-life balance needs. We have emerged as a pathbreaker in that aspect.”

Dr. Sree Lakshmi proudly adds “As we commence the 15th DBA cohort, I am proud to watch the tremendous growth that this program has seen since its inception. The learner profile consists of CEOs, top executives, senior management and independent business owners with an average experience of 15-20 years. They are involved in research on a wide variety of management topics within different industries across the entire globe. The program offers them a chance to apply their professional knowledge and experience to their research while utilizing the latest tools and techniques to find answers to questions in business and management. All this is done in an affordable and flexible manner under the guidance of experienced research supervisors who impart a personal touch to an otherwise fully online program.”

UniAthena’s Insights Data shows that the three-year Online DBA Program is most preferred by top management, senior managers and business professionals, from multiple industry domains. With a DBA Program sign-up,  the learners can blend the academic rigor of a Ph.D. with their real-time, ongoing work experience. They can delve deeper into an area of business management that matches their job profile or career interests, through an applied research project within the 3-year DBA Program. 

DBA graduate hiring has seen a hike during the second last and last quarters of 2022,  strikingly in the African and European markets. The job designations being secured in these geographies have been predominantly mapped as a management consultant, business analyst, economist, chief executive officer, market research analyst, and C-level executive, amongst others. More proactive business professionals hence want to enroll in the DBA Program without taking a career break! They want to explore their professional horizons and tap into the various corporate leadership possibilities. 

We have expanded our student base to worldwide niche geographies, owing to the DBA popularity wave in the current market and we hope to continue to provide world-class education to our learners.



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