Move aside, typical MBA: It is European MBA's time to shine

08 November, 2022

Nearly everyone has contemplated earning an MBA at least once in their life. Whether you want to break out of a career rut, increase job opportunities, widen your networks or simply do something outside your comfort zone, an MBA can be the chance to turn things around. An MBA can equip one with improved communication skills, knowledge of the markets and even better time-management skills! Research shows that MBA graduates can have an average starting salary of $95,370 and $105,684 with bonuses. Career versatility, high salaries and skill development - is there anything better than this?

Well, yes! 

Professionals are now flocking to MBAs offered by European Universities over other MBAs. But what makes European MBAs so different from the rest?

  1. The Learning Durations of European MBAs are short:

In this fast-moving world, professionals need things done at the earliest, including their degree programs. There is a reason that the term ‘ASAP’ is a corporate favourite abbreviation. When the option of a fast MBA is available, there is no need for workers to pick the slower MBA. In a world where time is money, the European MBA is priceless. 

  1. Unique Specialisations with MBA:

European MBAs are offered alongside unique specialisations that make the degree holder stand out from the crowd of MBA graduates. UniAthena’s MBA in Business Analytics & MBA in Blockchain Management are illustrative examples of a great European MBA made even better. These in-demand specialisations make the degree-holder that much more impressive and can open a host of exciting career opportunities. 

  1. Affordable Education for the win:

MBA programs from European Universities dismantle the myth that higher education must be unbearably expensive. In addition to scholarships, several European universities offer online courses at a fraction of their already reasonably priced degree programs in a bid to make higher education more accessible. 

  1.  Networking Opportunities Like Never Before:

European MBA courses attract a huge variety of international students. As a result, the student community in these universities are vibrant in their cultural, linguistic and national diversity. It is also diverse in terms of hosting experts from a variety of fields and industries. Engaging with such a multifaceted crowd of passionate learners can offer networking opportunities, insights and perspective. 

  1. Quality that everyone trusts:

European Universities hold incredible respect and prestige in the world of higher education. These universities are recognised for their influential alumni, high standards of learning and quality resources offered to students. When employers and superiors note that the professional before them is a degree holder from such an esteemed institution, it will always form a good impression. Your degree will speak for your commitment to learning and growth. 

  1. Accreditation Of Prior Learning:

APL, or Accreditation of Prior Learning, is a useful initiative taken by European institutions. This allows students to use their prior experience or knowledge of their program matter to gain credits, exemption from a module and so on. As Professionals are not interested in wasting time learning information they already know, this feature optimises their learning experience. 

  1. Early Exit Awards:

Early Exit Awards, on the other hand, are meant for those Professionals who need to halt and exit their education for any purpose. This feature allows them to earn a smaller degree certification, thereby not allowing their efforts to go to waste. Additionally, any credits earned previously will be transferred if the Professional was to pursue the same degree in another European University. These two programs make European MBAs an incredibly lucrative option. 

European MBAs are rising in popularity and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We highly recommend signing up for the programs and reaping the personal, professional and educational benefits of these degree courses.


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