Top 10 Reasons Why European MBA is Worth It

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23 February, 2022

MBAs have become the most sought career choice across the globe. Yearly umpteen number of students step out looking for a prosperous career and a high salary. Sometimes students may find it difficult to choose the right University or Business School as per their inclination. Today we will be looking into the key factors that have brought European universities to the top charts of Global MBA rankings.

  • Just one Academic Year

    Compared to a two-year full-time MBA in the North American Universities and Business Schools, most European universities & B-schools like INSEAD, IE Business School offer a holistic and affordable one-year MBA program. It signals a high return on investment (ROI), implying a drastic reduction in the costs accrued to students. It also puts Working Professionals in a better position to pursue their desired upskilling domain without putting much at stake.

  • On par Academic Standards

    While a lesser academic year would raise your eyebrows to think that this may cause a compromise at an academic level, but that's not the case. According to the latest Global Rankings released by Financial Times and QS Global MBA ranking, various European Universities and B-schools, including HEC Paris and INSEAD, have grabbed top positions among global rank holders. These universities also perform fairly well on the Accreditation status grounds decided by top accrediting agencies such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

  • Designed to take care of your Pockets

    Affordability is an essential feature of most MBA programs across the European continent. Tuition fees of European universities and Business Schools have usually been cheaper than their American counterparts, as stated by USNews.

    Thus, you need not worry about the burden falling onto your pockets. Furthermore, you can also apply for the scholarship programs run by these universities. Check out the website of QS Global MBA to avail the scholarship benefits.

  • Potential for High Employability 

    Completing an MBA from a well-recognized European University or B-school itself invites a bunch of attractive employment opportunities. Owing to the emphasis of European universities on imparting soft skills through their various initiatives, graduates of European B-schools remain in the good books of Big Giants like Google, Amazon & Microsoft.

    The recent GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) Corporate Recruiters Survey 2021 suggests an overall increase in the recruitment percentage of European MBA grads. Thus, a high employability rate remains a crucial factor for choosing a European MBA.

  • Scope for Specialization

    As opposed to the technology-centric American industry, the European schools have the upper hand when it comes to MBA Specializations. The European Fintech industry has rapidly evolved over the years as a result of standardized laws across the European continent. Fintech start-ups such as Revoult, Lendico, and Checkout have changed the course of digital transactions. Besides Fintech, leading consultancy firms like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and Deloitte have constantly picked up MBA grads from European universities.

  • The new Melting Pot

    Through the lens of job opportunities, America has traditionally been called the Melting Pot of the world. But the epicenter is gradually shifting towards European countries. The change can be attributed to the diverse options available at every front of European Universities and Business Schools. Various recruiters from diverse backgrounds such as Hospitality, Consultancy, Healthcare, Data Analytics, Marketing, Statistics, and others, choose MBA students for their organizations. The diversification is not just limited to the private sector. Public sector organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations, with their headquarters situated primarily in European countries, make use of the talent pool of these universities.

  • A truly international Experience

    As discussed earlier, propellers of the new Melting Pot, the European universities, and Business Schools are at the forefront of Multi-cultural Pluralism. Students from various ethnicities, socio-economic statuses, languages, nationalities, age profiles, and professions make it to these high-quality programs. Imagine the kind of inputs that an Air Force Commando can offer to fellow batchmates of his class. Apart from the soft skills, there's a lot to gain from these interpersonal interactions.

  • The case for Entrepreneurial prospects

    Globally, MBAs result in building social networks which consist of Alumni, recruiters, entrepreneurs, and academicians. Given the vast multi-cultural diversity of students present in European universities and Business Schools, the resulting network is bound to be much more robust and dynamic. Networks provide you with newer business perspectives and an overall worldview. Such networks can later be cultivated to transform into successful Business Alliances.

  • The X Factor

    Abundant MBA Specializations in European universities have opened a new Pandora's Box for MBA students and aspiring entrepreneurs. Each European country has a distinctive X factor that attracts MBA grads every year. So, the best place to study MBA in Europe depends upon your preferences. While Italy is famous for its historical architectural heritage like the Colosseum and the leaning tower of Pisa, France provides for exploring the fashion and cuisine industry. You will also have a chance to learn a new and globally accepted language like French. And the additions pour on.

  • There's no time like the present

    The world is grappling with a global pandemic and world economies still haven't recovered from its shocks. The global supply chain has been badly disrupted, and critical sectors need to be reshaped for a better future. Usually, the demand for MBA grads is anti-cyclical to economic growth. With GDP growth rates in the doldrums, there're plenty of reasons to pursue an MBA, especially for Fintech, Technology, and of course, Entrepreneurship.

The Game Changers: Online MBAs 
While the pandemic-induced uncertainty and economic setbacks may still hold you back from going to Europe for an MBA, online higher education platforms like Athena Global Education have ticked all the necessary boxes for you. Partnering with the top-ranked and accredited Universities like GMU (Guglielmo Marconi University) Italy, and UCAM (Universidad Catolica De Murcia) Spain, pursuing an online MBA has been made flexible, affordable, and accessible

The one-year MBA course of European universities becomes more convenient when it gets delivered by Athena. It's even possible to complete it within less than one year if you are running low on time. Prepared by the professors of the world's prestigious Universities, the recorded video lectures carry the same weight as any other lectures delivered in physical spaces. Taking ahead the legacy of European MBA, Athena's courses are made more affordable. Students from marginalized backgrounds and existing working professionals cite the Pay per Module feature as one of the main reasons they could make it to their dream degree. Thus, Affordability, together with a strong International Alumni Network, makes a case for Athena to be the best place for online MBAs

So why would one miss out on such a lucrative Combo Package with the same benefits of a traditional MBA program? Be it fresh graduates or working professionals, the existing system struggles to cater to their diverse demands. Athena Global Education fills these systemic gaps to deliver the same amenities as the conventional University or B-school setups. Do catch a glimpse of their curated MBA programs here.



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