Calling Out to All the Rockstars of UniAthena

Press Release
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21 May, 2021

Do not write to compete, write to discover the inner you. 

We at UniAthena always strive to nurture the best in our students. We truly believe that an individual’s development should not be restricted to academic frameworks. An active mind should always yearn to acquire something new, so we are thrilled to announce that this 21st May would be a day to break the uniformity of regular classes, same old calculations and hectic schedules.

The purpose of this contest is not merely about nominating the winners but to bring out the best version of their writing skills. We have taken this initiative to showcase the versatility that our students possess. 

We need your active participation to make this contest a big success.

Awards and Recognition

The winner is entitled to a Cash Prize of $100 which he/she can redeem against their course payment settlements. 

A lucrative opportunity for the Runners-Up too – the shortlisted articles will be published in our newsletter Insights and on all our social media platforms.

Please send your articles to Shatarupa Datta, Communications Department at



It's going to be the end of my day, but before ending, I am reading this wonderful article to increase my experience.

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