Voices@Athena - Godfred Osei Mensah
Voices @UniAthena - Godfred Osei Mensah

"Self-belief accounted for my successful completion of EMBA. Once I put my mind to something and planned for it, I do it because I hate regrets."

Godfred Osei Mensah
HSEQS Manager
Maxam Ghana Limited

Executive MBA Batch 2020

Alumni Speaks: How to Plan Your Career Journey.

My self-belief accounted for my successful completion of the Executive MBA. Over the years, I have developed ways of overcoming my self-doubt. They say self-belief is the springboard', and without it, all talent is wasted. I always dreamed of having an MBA to understand the business side of things and to augment my technical background. I believed in myself and didn't relent when the first module result didn't come out the way I wanted. It instead inspired me to do better in the remaining modules.

I have strong values and live a life that is true to what is important to me and what I stand for. It is easy to be indecisive when you don't have clear values about life. I always look for possibilities instead of looking at the problems.

I looked for the good in UniAthena as an institution and trusted the process, and this attitude created a strong mental buffer that promoted commitment, dedication, and time management. I am enthusiastic and always ready for a challenge, looking at finding solutions. Finally, I am a risk-taker and not afraid to get stuck. Once I put my mind to something and plan for it, I do it because I hate regrets.

I hope this will help and inspire other students.

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