Voices@Athena--Serafina Meigos

"I am extremely ambitious, and until I reach the top, I will not stop."

Serafina Meigos
Procurement and Logistics Officer

MBA in General Management Batch 2022

How I became a professional expert

My first job was as a receptionist for a renowned Oil and Gas company, Sasol. I began working in December 2006, and since then, I have never stopped. I confess that it was a great challenge because I had never worked, but it was a good experience. Despite being at the reception desk, I was a very busy person and learned a lot. This was the first of several jobs that came later. 

In the various jobs I worked, especially in the administrative and logistics areas, I have always been able to support and bring solutions to the organizations (which, by the way, are considered one of the key areas because it contributes professionally to all sectors simultaneously)! That said, I gained sound professional knowledge of each sector, and when contributing to them, I learned how to review payroll, deal with fleet management, supervise cleaning staff, and others. It was during the course of my career that I fell in love with Supply Chain. Without thinking twice, I enrolled in the course offered by the University of Cape Town and specialized in Supply Chain Management.

I started this way, tracing my specific professional objectives focusing on Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain. Since my career soared with a compilation of various added values, I decided not to stagnate in the Supply Chain field. I aimed to apply my skills in a broader area to respond to the demands of the professional market. That’s when my desire to pursue Business Management as a targeted area of specialization was born!

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Legal Sciences, focusing on the commercial area which was my area of expertise. It is important to mention that I am extremely ambitious, and until I reach the top and desired level, I will not stop.

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