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"It is necessary to always keep in mind that consistency is more important than perfection."

Nur Nisha
Iperfume Pte Ltd.  

Executive MBA - Business Analytics Batch 2021

A passion of mine

A strong emotion of affection or enthusiasm is known as passion. We all have our passion, for example, some people like to dance, sing, take part in sports and others.

My passion is baking!  As a child, I enjoyed baking cakes and cookies with my mother. We would try out new recipes every weekend! Not only do I enjoy the eating part, I also love the process of baking the cake from scratch.

The process of baking involves measuring, sifting, stirring; waiting for the dough to rise, and more. 

Baking smells amazing, it has a sweet smell which keeps me eager and excited to see the final results.  

Baking is a science that needs the same level of precision as a chemical experiment. If you add more of the required ingredients, the outcome will not be great.  Balance is very important here. It is necessary to always keep in mind that consistency is more important than perfection. I believe that baking is not just about following the recipe step by step, it is something more.  It is a process of creation. Words cannot describe the passion I have for baking.

I  have had some bad experiences in the past when I started baking, I forgot to set a timer for my cookies! They got totally burnt and burnt cookies taste bad. In order to succeed in anything, you must fail so that you know what not to do the next time. However, I did learn from my mistakes. There are many things I learned along the way when I started baking. Practice makes perfect.

Baking makes me smile a little more and helps me relieve my stress. I love getting a compliment from people after they have tried my cakes and cookies. 

I love trying out new recipes. I have been inspired by the many baking videos I watched. During the festive season like Hari Raya Haji and Hari Raya Puasa, I bake many varieties of cookies for my visitors and neighbours to savor. I take feedback from them to see how I can improve the next time.

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