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"Born into a farming family, I recognized that only studying would help me to find my own path, it could also make my father proud."

Tran Phuoc Hieu
Construction Senior Executive 
Aeon Mall Vietnam Co. Ltd.


Master in Construction Management Batch 2021




The Future is in your hand

What does your future look like?

Well, it is a question that I assume many people all over the world ask themselves. My father used to say “The future is in your hand” and these words still impress me. Born into a farming family, I recognized that only studying would help me to find my own path, it could also make my father proud. 

My journey has not been easy. I grew up in a small village in Vietnam and at  the age of 18, I realised that only education can change my life and  serve as a launching pad for my journey to discover the good things surrounding us. And yes, I tried my best to step into a university at the beginning of my journey.

Furthermore, when I started working, I thought the balance between knowledge and experience was very important in a dynamic working environment. In addition, how to balance your life and working is most important if you were in my shoes. I felt uncomfortable when I worked in the field that I chose at the University. A fresh graduate could not do anything since he had to pay his debt. 

I assumed it was the second stage in my journey when I decided to move forward to work in the construction industry which I have been doing since 2014. Construction is something that attracted me in a way that I cannot explain.

To work with my colleagues - generous people, make me feel happy and it reflects who I am: and makes me open, honest and progressive. Year after year,  I learnt a lot through work but there was always something that I could not explain and solve. At the  age of  34, I have to acknowledge my weaknesses, and to reach out for opportunities to do more or to improve the quality of what I am doing.

It is the third stage in my journey when I decided to study the subject that I love by searching and enrolling in a program where I have learnt a lot from experience and been guided. I strongly believe that once I finish this course, I will get an insight into the construction industry where I spent my youth.

My third stage has just begun, my journey is continuing, and I really cannot imagine what my future looks like. I have confidence that I will be satisfied with myself and have a bright future through education.

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