Upskilling Your Community: UniAthena’s Next Step Towards Education for All

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24 August, 2023

UniAthena is delighted to announce Project ‘Upskilling Your Community’, an initiative to offer free professional certificates to NGOs worldwide. With this undertaking, our vision is to make Higher Education transcend economic and social barriers. We have successfully partnered with NGOs in Bangladesh, Kakuma, Nigeria, and Zambia among others. This project is in line with our founding mission: to take Higher Education from a privilege to a right that every person enjoys - regardless of one’s background or resources. At UniAthena, Upskilling is an opportunity to overcome obstacles and reach greater heights. 

In the aftermath of this partnership, we are thrilled to see nearly 150 registered learners through prominent NGOs like Community Outreach Foundation, Society for Women Development and Empowerment of Nigeria (SWODEN), FAB Treasure Foundation, Poverty Eradication Program, and Stark Bangladesh Board. These NGOs are dedicated to Zambian youth empowerment and promoting Zambian self-reliance via farming & backyard poultry. They are also using Blockchain Technology to uplift Nigerian girls & women while improving their living conditions and encouraging climate action & awareness among Bangladeshi youth. With access to affordable and high-quality education, these vulnerable populations can further uplift themselves and take charge of their future. We at UniAthena endeavor to be the education provider they need. 

Our Short Courses come with our signature 100% Online Delivery and Byte-Sized Learning Approach. This will help our Learners to find their stride and progress comfortably in their upskilling efforts. The Flexible and Self-Paced nature of our delivery is sure to appeal to our busy Learners - helping them to incorporate education in their efforts to empower themselves. These courses cover an array of highly regarded domains, including Human Resources, Occupational Health and Safety, Business Administration, IT, Marketing, Finance, Operations, General Management, Healthcare Management, and Strategic Management. With options ranging from Basics to Executive Diplomas, Learners with varying levels of previous knowledge and learning time can find the ideal course to meet their professional goals. In a bid to make these courses even more accessible, we are also offering these Learners a Free Certification. With this, we hope to become their stepping stones to professional success, confidence, and empowerment.

As we move forward with this initiative, we intend to make our Short Courses available to more and more aspiring Learners via fruitful partnerships with more NGOs. With the insights and skills developed from these courses, we believe that our Learners will enter the professional world with greater confidence and ease. 


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