UniAthena Releases Brand-new Courses in Public Enterprise Management

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03 September, 2022

We at UniAthena are delighted to announce the release of our short courses in Public Enterprise Management, a field of prime importance for any country’s economic and social welfare. These are the latest addition to our ever-growing range of short courses for the ambitious and busy learner. 

Public Enterprises are corporations that are partly or completely state-owned. Public Enterprise Management consists of using managerial skills like leadership, effective communication, planning and critical problem-solving in the everyday functioning of these enterprises. These enterprises serve several crucial functions. They uphold the public interest in comparison to profit-driven private enterprises, create employment opportunities for citizens and contribute to national development and economic growth. With the resurgence of interest in this critical field, professionals seeking to enjoy career growth while uplifting their communities have flocked to this profession. Public Enterprise Management serves both individual ambition for success and overall public welfare, making it a profession of tremendous potential. 

UniAthena’s short courses in Public Enterprise Management are split into five levels depending on learners’ level of knowledge in the field. For beginners curious about the history, objectives, importance and characteristics of Public Enterprises, Basics is the course to attend. Those seeking to understand concepts like Public Enterprise forms, the role of public financial institutes and funding sources can opt for Essentials Courses. 

When it comes to comprehending the operations, functioning and regulation of Public Enterprises, Mastering is the course to go for. Diplomas are built to impart all critical information, from Backgrounds and Operations to the case study of Nigerian Public Enterprises, in one course. Executive Diplomas, on the other hand, combine fundamentals modules like Backgrounds and Operations of Public Enterprises along with their challenges, thereby providing an in-depth, all-inclusive look at Public Enterprises. This is recommended for senior executives looking to accelerate their careers with new skills. 

Whether you are a starry-eyed graduate fresh out of college or a seasoned professional with years of experience, UniAthena will imbibe the skills and knowledge you need to explore the domain or accelerate your career in the field. With our new courses, learners can hope to thrive in top Public Enterprise positions. 

You can access our full range of Public Enterprise Management Short Courses here: 
Short Courses


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