Top Python Interview Questions for 2023

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06 April, 2023


Python is a high-level programming language that Guido van Rossum devised in 1991. This programming language is applicable to various industries, including web development, data research, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. It is one of the simple and user-friendly open-source languages with simple syntax. With its easy-to-use and wide application, python developers are one of the sought-after professionals by many organizations.

If you're preparing for a Python developer interview, here are some of the Top Interview Questions 2023 you should be familiar with.

  • What is Python? What differentiates it from other programming languages? 

One of the most basic questions is who is familiar with the Basics of Python. Python is a high-level programming language that is interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and general-purpose. Since it employs dynamic typing, which eliminates the need to specify data types for variables, it differs from other programming languages like C++ and Java.

  • What are the various Python data types? 

You should have complete knowledge about a few of the built-in data types that Python offers. They are strings, booleans, complex numbers, floating-point numbers, integers, and strings. You should also be acquainted with the list, tuple, and dictionary data types in Python. 

  • What is interpreted language? 

You should be familiar with this concept. It executes statements line by line. Python is a kind of interpreted language. In contrast to compiled programs, those written in interpreted languages execute straight from the source code.

  • PEP 8: What is it and why is it important?

Python Enhancement Proposal is referred to as PEP. An official design document known as a PEP informs the Python community or defines a new feature for Python or its operations. PEP 8 is particularly significant since it outlines the standards for Python code style.

  • What does a Python decorator do? 

A unique kind of function called a decorator can alter the operation of another function without altering its source code. In Python, decorators are frequently used to provide functions with extra functionality, such as caching, logging, or authentication.

  • With Python, how do you interact with databases? 

SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL are just a few of the databases that may be accessed and used using Python's many database modules. The sqlite3 module may be used to establish a connection to an SQLite database, run SQL commands, and retrieve results. Similarly to that, you may connect to a PostgreSQL database and run queries using the psycopg2 module.

  • What are some of the popular Python frameworks and libraries? 

Python has a vast ecosystem of frameworks and libraries that you can use to build various applications. A few of the well-liked frameworks and packages include:

  • Django.
  • Flask. 
  • Pyramid.
  • Numpy.
  • Pandas. 
  • Matplotlib.


Finally, here are some of the top interview Python questions to be prepared for in 2023. To enrich your knowledge, you can refer to the Python Course Online. Before your interview, make sure you go through them in detail and practice responding to them. You can also pursue a Python Certification Course, which will build your resume credentials and double your chances of landing a good job and enhancing your skills. Good fortune!


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