Book Review : “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy

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03 September, 2020

Exhausted with work and the rapid speed of life which hummed Eat, Work, Sleep – Repeat –, there were times when I used to think what has life come down to? Then I look around and see the same around me. And I think to myself, maybe this is how life is. I still remember those years, when I used to be a student, the curious little mind of ours used to work miracles. But then, what has changed over the years?

One of the major reasons for my early check-in at the airport was to dawdle around all those over-expensive shops, observing the crowd and then finally finding myself trying to manage the array of books that I would buy from the airport. That’s how I found my bible – Dr. Joseph Murphy’s “The power of your subconscious mind”

Our mind is our greatest asset, but then not every one of us realizes that. We often ignore the little heart of ours and try to think with the brain. Well then, what else is the brain for, right?

Now, here comes the big news. Scientific studies prove that “Your mind is your biggest weapon”. This statement is well supported by Dr. Murphy’s book. This book was first published in 1963 and has been one of the best-sellers since. It is considered as one of the major self-help books of all time, touching upon people’s minds and empowering them in many ways.

Every theory explained in this book is substantiated with the help of a real-life story, which makes it more interesting for the reader. All the techniques are simple and the results are relatively easily attained, provided the person has faith and hope tied to it. Dr. Murphy explains that the events of our life are always the result of the workings of our conscious and subconscious mind. He has suggested various techniques which can help people to achieve anything that they truly desire – change one’s destiny by focusing on the energy within.

Everything starts from within, the change in an attitude of a person can indeed change the path of his life. This book will be a changemaker to anyone who has confidence in oneself. Believe in yourself and think about what you truly desire, work towards it every single day without anxiety and fear. Have faith in the universe and see yourself in the place that you have always dreamed of. The book provides you with ways and means to achieve your life’s purpose. It is an inspirational read and if you are looking for a change in any aspect of your life, then I would say grab your copy today and see the change that you want to live.

Geethu Mohan



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