What’s The Next Thing for Professionals?

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25 August, 2020

Today we are talking to business professionals who are on lookout for new options to help them get to the NEXT level of personal and professional calibre so as to take their businesses to new heights.

“Life is the best Teacher”
– Anthony D. Williams

Life experiences are indeed the best lessons, given that one has the learning attitude. But life will define the pace of your learning and growth. So, if you want to be in control of your growth, you need to be proactive about it and start looking out for opportunities on your own.

So, now the second question is what are the opportunities available for people like you. One resource that is available to all are people around you. People who have rich experience in the same domain, or engaged in some different domain.

engaged in some different domain.

Another option is to look towards people who have been working hard to identify patterns and understand the dynamics of the business world and markets using extensive repositories of historical data. So you can either go for Masters in Business Administration where you will get access to globally accepted findings and models that will help you to put in context any problem you face in your business/workplace and quickly arrive at an optimal solution.

But where to look if you have realised that your business problem is unique in itself and there is no existing solution/model. Or there is some business scenario that makes you curious. Or you just want to hone your skills to be able crack any situation that you come across in your business effectively. If you want to be able to design solutions customized to your business, your context. Then you are looking at a Doctorate in Business Administration. DBA programs are being designed exclusively for working professionals who do not want to give up on their professional lives either.

It will help the learners acquire skills and advanced tools needed for strategic planning and effective decision making. While pursuing the program you get an opportunity to explore a plethora of case studies and business scenarios and that adds up to your knowledge base and will come in handy when facing real life situations.

Excellence and success in any field asks for commitment to continual learning. And learning never comes easy, it asks for commitment, diligence and bravery from your part.

I would like to end this with following thought
“Real Growth Begins at The End of Your Comfort Zone”



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