TV Series Review : “The Bold Type”

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19 May, 2021

Last week, I stumbled upon this television series that was trending in my country. Without further ado, I started watching the new hyped show on Netflix.

The Bold Type – the series is inspired by the life and career of former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, Joanne Coles. The series revolves around a trio of millennials who juggle their career, romance, and friendships in the hot and happening New York City. The three main characters of the series are Jane Sloan – a writer at Scarlet magazine, Kat Edison – social media director, and Sutton Brady Hunter – a fashion stylist at Scarlet magazine. Each of them faces a series of challenges in their work and personal life but they do not give up. They fight for what they believe in and strive to achieve what they represent.

The story focuses on different spheres bringing to the fore real-life social and political issues – like women's development, empowerment, racism, addiction, and others. The honest and fearless character sketch of the trio is a true representation of women today. It is really interesting to watch them climb up the career ladder in the super-competitive corporate world.

The best part is when you see all the characters supporting each other irrespective of gender and department. This is something incredible that we as employees of a firm need to learn about. We represent the organization that we work for and not the department. Every department of an organization is interdependent on the other, the line that draws them together makes the firm a success, yet many times people represent the department or their line of work rather than giving due recognition to the teamwork. Every job, every designation, and every department indeed make an impact and when put together, it meets the objective of the organization. Everything works as an integral whole. This is indeed a takeaway that we all need to embrace for the success of the firm and for individual development. 

Hard work, commitment, self-realization, personal growth, honesty, synergy are all attributes that the show represents. That’s the part that motivated me to watch the series. The leadership and guidance were given to the trio by the departmental heads and how they all row the boat is truly amazing and interesting – and for a moment, I wanted to be part of the ‘Scarlet’ magazine.

Another section of the series which I personally could not relate to is how the career life was glorified. I think this is something that will appeal more to the ‘millennials’ generation. The people in this generation consider life to be a part of a career and often end up giving their career and commitment more importance than anything else. They embrace their career so much that life outside the career globe escapes them. They persistently work hard to reach their set objectives and see the colorful outcomes and they forget what they have forgone – their health, personal life, and family. A career should be a part of life and not the other way around – because you never want to look out from your laptop only to find that you are all alone and old in the over-glorified career heights. 

This witty, inspiring, empowering show is relatable to the current era – I would say. It makes you think and wonder about the ‘what – ifs’ that you always had in your mind. The brilliant, positive, and inspiring friendship between the trio is something to die for. To see bold, independent but at the same time, vulnerable and fearless women on screen is indeed a dream come true. Being able to relate to all these emotions and strengths makes you want more and helps you to dream.

Geethu Mohan
Assessor and Faculty



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