Blockchain Technology for Female Empowerment: A UniAthena - FAB Treasure Foundation Initiative

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22 September, 2023

For women in Nigeria, opportunities have been bleak for a very long time. Despite constituting nearly half of the population, Nigerian women have lower levels of internet usage (23%), careers in technology (26%), and tech-leadership positions (22%). While the recent Blockchain boom and Blockchain Policy approval in Nigeria signals a positive future for the technology in Nigeria, the gender disparity almost guarantees that the benefits will be withheld from women. This form of digital exclusion, along with the nation’s rampant period poverty, has become the means to exploit Nigerian women and keep them from achieving their fullest potential. 

Tackling these issues will be no mean feat, but the first step would be to educate young girls. Nigerian NGO FAB Treasure Foundation is set to do just that. Led by Festus Abigail, the organization is on the way to transforming Nigeria into a more just and equitable society. With the mission to empower Nigerian girls and women, the NGO regularly organizes hygiene product drives. They also conduct regular live sessions with Blockchain Technology experts to tutor and guide young girls towards a Blockchain career. Nonetheless, there is still a need to bring a comprehensive Blockchain course to these young girls to encourage their professional ambitions in the Tech industry.

With UniAthena’s dedication to making higher education accessible and affordable to the masses, we have found that our vision aligns with the FAB Treasure Foundation. That is why we are excited to partner with this exemplary organization in bringing the latest Blockchain knowledge to Nigerian girls. Our Blockchain Short Courses are provided by reputed organizations like Acacia University - Professional Development (AUPD) and Cambridge International Qualifications (CIQ). These short courses are easy to understand and delivered by dedicated, expert tutors. With these courses, we bring accessible and valuable Blockchain knowledge to these women, encouraging them to use this innovation to foster their personal and professional growth. Keep up with FAB Treasure Foundation's latest efforts here:



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