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"I also believe that an empowered workforce is the backbone of a successful institution."

Sudhir Jaynarayan
Regional Sales Manager
South Africa

MBA in General Management

I have worked at Honeywell for the past 6 years and acquired experience in different roles within the engineering /industrial sector.

I started and built my career within the Industrial Engineering environment 17 years ago. I have experience in managing channels and improving productivity through capacity management, training, UAT (User Acceptance Testing), and project management. I am a strategic thinker, an excellent planner and I am able to brilliantly execute the delivery of business objectives and goals. 

 I utilize strong strategic planning, interpersonal and communication skills to lead my team to meet critical business needs. I am passionate about helping people to achieve success. I consider building mutually beneficial relationships across the organization in support of achieving corporate objectives as another of my strengths. In addition to being career motivated, I have also had a chance to take part in social volunteer activities, and thereby gained experience in working as a volunteer to uplift disadvantaged communities.

This has helped me become familiar with many aspects of financial operations. I learned how to interact with different people and different personalities on varying levels. Furthermore, I was able to learn creative organizational skills by handling new projects.  I improved my professional skills by completing several training courses which helped fine-tune my ability to work hard with sincerity, persistence, motivation, and resilience. Consequently, my career continued to develop and I was empowered to overcome many challenges within my work environment.

To further my career aspirations as part of the senior management team, I came to realize that I needed to develop my skills and study further. This has led me to believe that I will be able to do this by obtaining a Master's degree in International Business. Having this knowledge will allow me to better understand financial management principles. 

With all the uncertainty and changes in the world in the political, economic, and technological spheres, I believe that management must have a solid understanding, supported by a strong academic foundation, on how to guide institutions like Honeywell through these challenging and trying times. By acquiring a Masters degree in Business Administration, I will be better equipped to understand the various aspects of the issues that so many organizations are facing and to try to generate solutions to complex problems. I believe that a Master's Degree will provide me with the necessary background to enable me to anticipate and react to ever-changing environments.

Most importantly, I believe that obtaining a Masters degree in  Business will greatly enhance my value within the company and also equip me to make an even more meaningful contribution to the growth and development of Honeywell as an institution to be reckoned with. I also believe that an empowered workforce is the backbone of a successful institution.

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